Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss

via https://www.extractionart.org

Here is an example of the kind of large-scale, movement-oriented, collaborative work I feel drawn to working on through Cosmos; and I think our reading/performance of See You In Our Dreams by @Ariadne could be considered an unofficial contribution to this project.

For me, an urgent task of art and poetry in our time is to redirect humanity’s fear-based obsession with extraction, accumulation, and warfare towards a planetary ethos of appreciation, cooperation, and lifecare. I see this as an operation on the level of consciousness itself through whatever language or media we have available, in which integral structures can become proficient and effective—undoing extractivism from without and within.

If anyone reading this happens to be in Colorado, I’m planning a trip to Fort Collins sometime this summer to visit an affiliated exhibition: Reclamation: Recovering Our Relationship with Place - Gregory Allicar Museum of Art | Colorado State University. Hit me up if you’re interested! We can make it a road trip, maybe find an adventure along the way…


Truly inspiring! We ARE on the edge of an abyss…and one of things that makes it even more painful is the ubiquitous coverup, the rampant denial, rushing us straight into the abyss, ie “getting back to normal” . This concerted Art Action does feel like it’s on a scale never attempted before.
Glad you’re going, please send us a report from the Field!