Files, Archives, and Media Handling - Study group

(Marco V Morelli) #1

I would like to look at the way that ‘files’ are created, stored, and made available in Cosmos via the capture, archiving, and publishing of audio, video, and text.

Issues of permissions, security, passwords, backups & disaster recovery, performance, and accessibility should all be considered and factor into a differential study of the actual set-up we currently have and a desired one to be grown into.

What is the optimal data architecture for our consciousness evolution…and human sanity?

Questions of personal use and style…how can we provide mutual support to use personal tech in healthier, better ways? How can Cosmos help with this in its own data architecture, workflows, and praxis templates?

Consider ethical design. Consider the value of open source vs. proprietary systems which may be more advanced (e.g., NextCloud (or similar) vs. Google Drive (or…)).

How can we make the data layer of Cosmos better organized, easier to use, safer and more secure, and more accessible to members?

Who needs tech support? Can we proactively help people start using the tools and systems provided by Cosmos?

What’s feasible, and what’s ideal? What needs time and what needs action? How can we productively relate with other emergent networks providing data services (e.g., Holochain) or apps?

The group should study the issues from all relevant perspectives, and no perspective—i.e., aperspectivally—and compile its finding and recommendations for council. The question then will be, what becomes action? For that, we may need to return to this study: How Do We Decide? The Ontology of Self-Governance [CCafe 7/24].

But this study would allow us to develop awareness of concrete technology issues within Cosmos, and begin see our options more clearly, as well as to share knowledge, skills, and seed-ideas for future developments. I would expect our next steps to become self-evident through the process of studying the problem.

(Caroline Savery) #2

Excellent questions and framing, Marco.

I think this would make a great community-wide hackathon, or executive council (small group of most active proto-“workers”) group hackathon/project. (In my own current organizing work, I’m distinguishing between exec council group projects and community-wide hackathons. Leaning towards this being appropriate for the former–but not without the transparency & feedback access of the whole community.)

Let’s, therefore, add this topic to the list of intended hackathons/sessions in 2019. We could call it “Tech Systems & Data Hygiene in Cosmos” for shorthand, maybe? As soon as I can, I’ll add a project in the projects space on the buildathons we desire to have in 2019, and will add this there.

(Marco V Morelli) #3

Cool, yes. I’ve moved this topic from the #sandbox to the #co-op:priorities-proposals channel. When you create a project card, would you link it back to this topic and also provide a link to the card here?