Future Aspirations: DAO & Ecosystemization

In Conclusion…

Is Cosmos expecting to become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)? Potentially, as a mature state. Even prior to widespread automation in the system, human member-participants can begin modeling their desired cultural behaviors and can begin performing the work necessary to “activate” the systems proposed in these docs (aka “breathe into life” our collectively-animated systems-creature.)

A DAO would be like an ecosystem of initiatives (user actions) and constraints (smart contracts, consensual engagements), autopoeitic, constantly moving and changing, and “buzzing with life.” Here’s an introductory video about DAOs and Smart contracts: https://youtu.be/Pyi8-qm02hs

As in an ecosystem [see also Appendix: Ecosystem modeling], actor agency and mutual constraints on possible actions co-exist , and co-evolve. Gamification enables the articulation of boundaries or constraints mutually, through the interlinking of users’ different specifications by smart contracts. Such structure enables optimized play for all in the system. Hence, it looks much like an ecosystem, in which all parts strive in continual tension for an optimal harmony, diversifying in the process. Designed for progressive self-awareness, this field infinitely grows. Threading together the creative and the effective, the open thoughtform and the concrete action/event-form (also known as praxis) into ever greater refinement.