Gimme Fiction!!

(margomin) #62

Sorry for the delay in answering your question. I’m up for rereading Octavia Butler, but I’m not so sure about participating in the video conference. If it does take place, I will think about it. However, I would like to be part of the conversation once I figure out how this forum works. So far, I’ve followed many of your conversations but I have the feeling I find them by pure luck, and I’m only half kidding!

(Maia Maia) #63

Yes, fewer and deeper, is my direction, too, hardly ever hear this echoing back to me, thanks. “New” can hijack the dopamine, while deeper requires elbow grease, devotion, enormous attention//intention. So no wonder…!
Lynn Margulis is one of my “mentors” , is not only was. Dorian’s writing style (without Lynn) is fabulously creative, but somewhat tangled, syntax unclear, needs editing. I wonder about that. Am devoted to collaborative writing and reading and …pretty much everything, and yet I love solitude, require lots of it. All the “opposites” need each other.
“But all of this, ( which would get me motivated) is perhaps a niche within a niche and it remains a mystery to me how any of this gets momentum when our asynchronous communications seek harmony but rarely find it.” Which “our” do you mean here? This site, the reading groups? Humans?
“Each of us are probably not coming from a place where ecological wisdom is the norm.” Same question!
Thanks for Narrative and Cybernetics: paying attention to eco-feminist writers is rare!
Wish I had a few more lifetimes…so hard hard to sincerely and deeply set priorities for all the crying needs we hear/feel all around and inside, too. Yet, it’s literally a matter of survival and sanity.
Here’s a book that is mentoring for myself and a few close friends: Come of Age by Stephen Jenkinson. Subtitle: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble. NOT a self-help or how to. It’s poetic essay, doesn’t fit any genre actually. All the best things seem uncategorizable… render us mute, force us to return to the root meaning of “poetry/poet”, even if we are writing prose or speaking or just living life as if livingness or full-aliveness were the pointless point of everything.

(john davis) #64

I hear you, Ariadne. It is a delightful dilemma to have so many interesting options to choose from. And there is a feeling of too much to choose from. " Our" is a slippery word which in my landscape tends to float all over the place. Thanks for the new book to add to my/our huge list!

(Dona Abbadi) #65

Hi Marco, I would like to join the group reading “Parable of the Sower”. I’ve ordered the book but it might take three weeks to reach here.

(Douglas Duff) #66

Hello Dona,

Great to hear that you will be participating. From @Geoffrey_Edwards’ proposed schedule above (and your scheduled book arrival) this will give you some time to read the text (hopefully) before the second session begins, in which we will discuss chapters 1-8.

Wondering if you have any supplementary/introductory reading we can do in preparation for your introductory session, Geoffrey?

(Geoffrey Edwards) #67

Hi Dona, I’m super happy you will be joining us. You might want to order “Parable of the Talents” also as we will be reading both books.

(Dona Abbadi) #68

@Douggins @Geoffrey_Edwards I am so happy that I am joining this group. I will order “Parable of the Talents” and hopefully it will arrive soon.

(john davis) #69

Having finished a lot of tasks, I am now able to focus attention on Parables. I’m looking forward to this reading. Thanks again, Geoffrey, for making it happen.

(Geoffrey Edwards) #70

I’m so glad you will join us, @johnnydavis54! It just wasn’t going to be the same without you :slight_smile: