H is for Shop Talk (Co-Op Shop Talk #5 – 4/18)

Hi co-op members and everyone:

I’ve been meaning to post an update about the “Co-op Shop Talk” meetings that Caroline and I have been doing, since we haven’t posted any new info about these in the past couple weeks, although in fact we have been meeting. However, we haven’t recorded the last two meetings because it’s been only Caroline and I who showed up, and we decided to use the time for working sessions rather than producing a quasi-podcast type “show.”

It’s a kind of weird time, moreover, since we’re in the process of welcoming in new members and starting a couple reading groups, and we haven’t put a lot of attention into making these calls themselves more interactive, which could be done, perhaps, for example, by scheduling them at a more optimal time, or by developing our agendas ahead of time in the forum more collaboratively.

That said, I think the purpose of the calls is still valid, i.e., some kind a weekly live forum for discussing issues relating to our community and organizational development, which is why we have decided to reboot these meetings, but first, we’re going to see who else wants to participate specifically in this community systems and communications aspects of the the platform, so we have some help in determining what form the reboot should take, based on what will be most useful to the community as a whole.

As a co-op, we’re actively looking for your participation, so if you able to volunteer some time, please let us know.

@care_save has a couple posts up intended to provide some overview of immediate core functions that need attention, including the role of “community guides” and working groups or “circles.” Do take a look at these pages if you’re interested and have the time to participate:

I leave you with a recording of our talk, from a couple weeks ago. It’s a bit chatty, perhaps, as I felt compelled to bring up a vision of gore involving avian creatures, predator and prey, I had recently witnessed in my backyard, and we discuss the potential significance of this image; which was not exactly on topic from the perspective of the agenda, but was not completely irrelevant either. Then we get into other matters, including welcoming new members, finances, the Codex, and how to structure our spaces and adopt practices that enable us to get to see and know one another better. This ties in to larger social and ethical questions, which may be of interest.

In any event, here is the recording from 4/18. Until further notice, the pigeon is dead.


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