Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Speaking of “origins,” I just wanted to wish a big, warm happy birthday to fellow litgeek, Jeremy Johnson. :birthday:

And I thought I’d take the occasion to post an interview Jeremy did recently for the Great Lakes Integral podcast, where he discusses our present reading of The Ever-Present Origin as well as A Theory of Everybody, and in his wide-ranging way, how these projects relate to sci-fi, pop culture, anime, religion, philosophy, and what it means to exist in an “in-between space” between worlds and world-views, reality tunnels, etc.


Thanks for being born, @Jeremy! It’s an honor and pleasure to know you and be co-creating all this together.


Thanks, Marco! It was a blast talking about everything and plugging ToE. So much energy and enthusiasm welling up about the coming months, and what we’ve already nudged into existence (and who we’ve converged with here on the forums). I’m in good company in my 29th year. :slightly_smiling: