HELP WANTED: Media Production Maven(s)


Help is needed managing the various multimedia files we are creating via our reading and writing groups, podcasts, and conversation series.

Specifically, I would like help developing our overall system and workflows for creating and disseminating media, from event production to post-production to publishing.

Currently, we rely on a mix of Zoom video conferencing, with desktop video and audio editing, and manual uploading to our various websites and social media channels. I do most of this work myself. However, I would like ANY member of Cosmos to be able to create, edit, and publish their own media on the platform we collectively own. Moreover, I would like to have the collective capacity to create more sophisticated productions.

To get from Point A, where we are now, to Point B, where it’s a distributed, user-friendly feature and capacity for all members of Cosmos, is the goal.

Along the way, I would like to build a robust archiving system (including transcripts, tags, notes, and related topics) that lets us search through and revisit past dialogues, and glean insights from across the platform. I would also like to define better affordances for privacy, sponsorship, and licensing (e.g., creative commons).

I’m looking for video editors, audio engineers, graphic designers, and web developers—but also systems thinkers who can see the big picture of the media environment we would like to create.

To learn more and get involved, please message @madrush.

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