How to know whether a Cosmos line is reserved or available at a given time?

Pertinent/urgent-ly – could I personally use a line at 4pm MT today?? :laughing:

Generally: This might be thought of as a “user story”…

“I can quickly/easily see whether one of Cosmos’ zoom lines [organized by the distinctive URLs] is open for use or is in use/scheduled to be in use.”

My instinct for checking this would be to look at the Events page… but I suspect that is not the full accounting of when/whether the line is in use. Occasionally (and I’m sure this is true for many users), I’d like to use an open line for a personal, creative or business meeting, but I don’t know how to ensure that my use of it wouldn’t interfere with another’s valid use of it!

Would love to see some policies & documentation created for this capacity in Cosmos. Please share with me any ideas and any other places this has been discussed. Thank you.

Searching the forum:

I found this documentation Doug made, although I don’t think my exact issue is addressed in it…

And I found this passage from this thread, in which I seem to be referencing documentation that Doug or Marco made (possibly recently created–this would have been in Oct. 2018) –
“Doug, if you’d like to partner with Marco to continue documenting processes and helping organize or improve our member training/reference materials, that’d be stellar… maybe focusing on the processes we think will be most useful to members to engage in on their own or in groups, e.g. kinda like how you did with informing the forum users of how they can book cafe times, book a Zoom line (on their own time, too), and use the Zoom conference line?”

Could anyone help me locate what I might have been referencing at the time? Searching “book zoom” “zoom line(s)” etc. isn’t working out. Thanks in advance!