How We Serve: Summary


The Platform facilitates the delivery and transfer of social, cultural and economic benefits. It enables fulfillment of participant objectives, aspirations and needs. The platform functions to:

  • Facilitate mutually empowering interlinkages between participants (see social, see Gamified Platform Play)
    Note: ”empowering” is ambivalent to which forms of capital are exchanged—”empowering” is a subjective measure defined by the participants—on purpose.
  • Provide process templates (info, social, technological) for learned/evolved ways that participants may self-actualize through the platform (the Five Pillars)
  • Different member “classes” may utilize different aspects of the platform & in different ways

We serve by:
■ Facilitating the serving, exchanging and interacting between members.
■ Providing beneficial utilities directly.
■ Providing beneficial templates (for autonomous use).

Cosmos’ Balance Sheet: What it Provides & What it Asks of Members

Table 1. Main Types of Capital Contributed & Received by Member Type

(X) = dependent on how the equation “balances out” and on user custom desires. may be nominal.
X = a substantial form of benefit.
Bolding = core/main.