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Continuing the discussion from Week 9 – Hangout #15 – Thursday 3/10:

Summary of my Impressions of reading Ever Present Origin by Jean Gebser
Also references to Divine Beauty by John O’Donohue
The Way of the Wind by Bruce Sanguin (my next read)
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from Janice Macpherson, Hobart, Australia.

What if…?
there is another world in wait,
it were to become "attainable"
it was transparent!

This is the challenge made to those prepared to divest themselves of individuality and cancel their exclusive and patriarchal ego-confinement in order to live a more abundant life.(page 198 EPO)

" Normally, the priority in our culture is to function and do what is expected of us. So many people feel deep dissatisfaction and an acute longing for a more real life, a life that allows their souls to come to expression and to awaken; a life where they could discover a different resonance, one which echoes their heartfelt dreams and longing. For their short while on earth, most people long to have the fullest life they can. No-one wants to remain a prisoner in an unlived life.
This was the intention of Jesus: “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full”. Of the many callings in the world, the invitation to the adventure of an awakened and full life is the most exhilarating. This is the dream of every heart. Yet most of us are lost or caught in forms of life that exile us from the life we dream of. Most people long to step onto the path of creative change that would awaken their lives to beauty and passion, deepen their contentment and allow their lives to make a difference."(page145 Divine Beauty)

At the last Hangout on 10/3/2016 I was inspired by the following remarks made by the participants to share some of my thoughts as well.

Jeremy spoke about how the Sacraments of the Catholic Church “came alive” for him. I recently read an essay by Bruce Sanquin about Two Baptisms.
The Baptism by water as preached by John, is taken by those who are repenting of wrongdoing in their lives and want to have a fresh start.
The Baptism by fire, given by Jesus is for believers who are wanting to become part of the Body of Christ and is recorded in the Bible as the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.(page 233 EPO)
Kim is the only person I know of who has spoken of this aspect of the new task.
This was not limited to a particular time, the Holy Spirit is Eternal, a living stream of consciousness, given to empower those already anticipating the return of Christ to be transfigured into his mystical Body on Earth.
In the New Testament in a conversation with Nicodemus, Jesus likens the way of the Holy Spirit to the rhythm and energy of the wind; it is presence as spontaneity:
"The wind blows wherever it pleases; you hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. That is how it is with all who are born of the Spirit. " John 3: 8-9.I am anticipating more of this in Bruce Sanguin’s new book.
The divine spiritual source and future of that which appears to us as an ever present event, ought never to be forgotten, when attempts are made at mere explanation. And origin, from which every moment of our lives draws its sustenance, is by nature divine and spiritual.
Anyone who denies this, denies himself, and there is today a considerable number who do.
Those who do not deny but rather affirm it in their open-mindedness and simplicity are already the co-creators of aperspectivity, of the integral consciousness structure.
This is founded on the emergent consciousness and on the transparency of the whole.
Once only did the disciples of Christ perceive his transfiguration. This singular diaphaneity of the world on earth, this unique manifestation of spiritual power is not a past event.(page530EPO)
Anyone today is in a position to achieve this self-transparency.
During this current rational/mental mutation when spirituality has been denied and ridiculed, it has not been easy to maintain a Life in the Spirit. However, every generation finds a few hungering for spiritual renewal and it seems appropriate that the integral consciousness is being stirred to once again consider this search for truth.
The previous generations had a limited worldview and the power of the Spirit diminished in them as people misunderstood the task.
The “new obligation” gradually enters consciousness. It is no longer an obligation of ordering the soul and thinking (of the muses); it is, as Adre Gide emphasises, an obligation which belongs to "the order of the Spirit."
The source of creative power in man changes in proportion to the intensity of incursion of the new mutation; and this source shifts from the mental to the incipient integral structures of consciousness.(page327 EPO)
The striving towards integrality, indeed towards the whole; the striving towards transparency, towards the supersession of systemics by the conscious perception-in-truth of the source and the form of intense, energic, motoric, dynamic, vital, psychic, and similar elements; all of these numerous strivings are indicators of the new mutation
It is the task of this work to serve towards the liberation which can be completed only in the awakening consciousness of the spiritual.
And it is not a question of “being right”, but of “being true”.
(page 361-362 EPO)
The immense processes of transformation like those taking place today, and the far -and-deep reaching mutations that have been occurring for generations and extend into the present, are neither accidental, nor explicable in ontological, existential or sociological terms.
They are latent in origin; they are always back-leaps, so to speak, into the already (ever)present future. This is the way in which origin, budding and unfolding in space and time, emerges on Earth and in our daily lives.(page530EPO)
Aldous Huxley: The life of the spirit is life exclusively in the present, never in the past or the future; life here, now, not life looked forward to or recollected.
… the life of the spirit is life out of time, life in its essence and eternal principle. (Time Must Have its Stop)
"The experience of beauty always resembles a new beginning. A clearance opens in the heart for something new. Beauty touches and renews our hope when it takes us out of ordinary time and brings us to another place, a place where history ceases and the weight of memory relents, a place ever ancient and ever new. For a while, our hearts become young again, inspired with new vision and possibility. Meister Eckhart says: “Time makes us old. Eternity keeps us young.” (page 30 Divine Beauty)
There is today a change in man’s creative relationship to the “primordial energy” which is pressing towards consciousness, a change with respect to creativity itself.
The new attitude will be consolidated only when the individual can gradually begin to disregard his ego… Only the overcoming of the “I”, the concomitant overcoming of egolessness and egoism places us in the sphere of ego-freedom, of the achronon and transparency.
Ego-freedom means freedom from the self; it is not a loss or denial of the “I”, not an ego-cide but an overcoming of ego.
Consciousness of self was the characteristic of the mental consciousness structure; freedom from the “I” is the characteristic of the Integral consciousness structure.
For someone able to place the whole ahead of his ego in his daily affairs (although this does not mean a loss of ego), for someone able to act out of ego-freedom, the world and even his daily life will become transparent.


Thank you for starting this thread @grannyjan. I may contribute to it extensively in the future as I dive deeper into a digestion and integration period.

In the mean time, this arose in a parallel conversation that seemed a fitting summary of my EOP impressions:

"The present is pregnant with the future. So, to live in full accordance with reality, one may need to act if as what is going to come to pass already has. "


Whlile reading your posting, I couldn’t help but think you might find the book Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism, (Element Books, Brisbane, 1993) by Anonymous.

Thank you for sharing.


How beautiful Janice! Thank you for this extensive reflection on the power of our presence. Like everyone else here, I’m just astounded at the generosity of spirit and knowledge. You all are just the best!

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These past weeks immersed in EPO but more importantly the conversations and company around it has been deeply, deeply moving. THANK YOU everyone for the experience…and it’s continuation!

Watching, listening to (particularly @Kim_Smith and @Donna ) and reading all the material here has re-awoken and affirmed the notion that there is something vital in experiencing a conscious and somatic knowledge of the mutations. Sensing magic consciousness, feeling the enriching heart of mythic and seeing it all in a rational schema while finding the energetic signature of these within one’s own physical being feels like a necessary exercise.
And thank you to Marco @madrush for the discernment between multiple perspectives and integral diaphinaiety, that was one of the many aha’s.

I found in Rothko’s body of work a visual record of ‘knowing’ these structures. Researching Rothko through a Gebserian lens a correlation emerged that suggested Rothko’s drive toward ‘clarity’ and ‘unity’ echoed Gebser’s mutations of human consciousness toward an integral perception and Origin.

Included below are some links for a very brief excursion through that aspect of his work.

From the early 1920’s reflecting the dominant mode of rational consciousness ; perspective and realism

As a transition occurs when this no longer satisfies his artistic impetus towards a better representation of reality, he goes underground to the underground

…and begins to use the ‘imaginatory’ powers of the mythic structure that heroically prowl Greek tragedy. These fulfil his desire to express the human drama but free him from the confines of doing so using the human form.

Complexities simplify, timeless, vital, magic

‘I have created a new kind of unity, a new method of achieving unity’ Rothko announced that he had found a new unity and had unified the subjective and objective of tactile and sensory space with the illusory space of perspective. Looking at the painting with the laws of perspective in mind the darker colours recede and warmer colours come forward. However, in the eyes of a tactile viewer the shapes are held in a fluid energetic matrix and the two possibilities of perception leave the shapes in a constant vibration of movement

Herbert Crehan saw a ‘light softer, more pacifying than the hues of a rainbow and yet detonated from some wrathful and diabolical depth’. Rothko is still rendering the tragedy of the human condition now in luminous veils of colour.

I have a confession here, one I am lothe to bring forward: I desperately want to believe that Rothko made the leap. Grappled with life and love and art and finally found integral vision. He said ‘art is the anecdote of the spirit and the only means of making concrete the purpose of its varied quickness and stillness’ and hints at the concretizion that allows the integral.
It is as if Rothko can see the light of Origin but is undecided whether he wishes to push through to it. Perhaps fearing that in order to reach that reality he may have to relinquish the source of his creativity, ‘the exhilarated tragic experience which……is the only source book for art’
But has he been painting that reality although not living in it’s primordial trust? Is that possible?

Following on from all that maybe Turrell, influenced strongly by Rothko (or at least the colour slides of his work) seems to have embraced that portal/leap perhaps?

Thank you wwjimd, I like your quote too. Can resonate with that reality.

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciated this new experience of online book club. I am on a year long retreat in Hobart, plenty of time for reading, meditation, mindfulness and creativity. So much free time and no responsibility. Anyone want to try it?


Thank you achronon, I have ordered the book you recommended, Always ready to read something inspiring.

Sounds lovely Janice. I’ve always wanted to visit Tas.

Here’s an interesting picture in this regard: the two yellow volumes on the bottom of the stack of books on the Pope’s desk are in fact the original German edition of the book.

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Puts my reading matter in good company, thanks, achronon.