Infinite Conversations is now on Open Collective

Hello Infinite Conversationalists~

I’m going to try over the coming months to really expand and grow this forum by inviting new discussion leaders, reading groups, and creative contributions in a way that encourages the kind of thriving meta-perspectival creative ecosystem that’s envisioned here: Toward a Vision for Infinite Conversations.

To that end, and in order to encourage us to engage in this as a truly cooperative endeavor, I’ve set up an account for us on Open Collective, which is a way for projects such as ours to organize our finances transparently. As we know, nothing is on the Internet is really free, but we can engage in collective action freely, if we choose to.

Please note that this is a bounded, ‘safe to fail’ experiment insofar as, we are only putting INFINITE CONVERSATIONS specifically on Open Collective (not Metapsychosis or A Theory of Everybody), and we may change course as our overall economic system (via COSMOS) evolves. You can still support the forum through a Cosmos beta membership, and if you’ve already signed up there, THANK YOU. You’re a backer already. :tada:

Conducting our open accounting on Open Collective is a way to make it potentially easier for people to contribute; it eases our admin burden (since OC takes care of all transactions and deposits the $ directly in the co-op’s checking account); it gives us exposure amongst other open-source and platform cooperative communities who are also on OC; and it tests the waters for the more comprehensive and participatory economic modeling we’re envisioning via COSMOS (e.g., LitCoin).

So please consider becoming a Backer, or even a Sponsor, of INFINITE CONVERSATIONS on Open Collective:

Thank you in advance! And please free to share your questions, suggestions, or other feedback below.



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