Inrupt/Solid as the platform for the Cosmos platform?

(Caroline Savery) #1

@natesavery @madrush @DurwinFoster @Geoffrey_Edwards

Have you heard of this? Have you looked into this?

Could this be a viable platform of Cosmos’ platform?

I came across it through the Open Source Ecosystem Loomio group.

Would love to hear your thoughts on whether/how this resonates!

(Durwin Foster) #2

Saw it. interested, AND not sure how it compares/contrasts with holochain, which is also very encouraging.

(Marco V Morelli) #3

I saw it too, and it looks promising and exciting. Another visionary project. Unfortunately, I have no way into it or inside connections to really be able to see how we would starting using it or building on it. Not to say those couldn’t manifest or arise with intention. I think the basic idea of decentralized, user-centric web identity system makes a whole lot of sense. There will probably be multiple such protocols, and some requirement in Cosmos to engage with a few different ones.

With Holochain we already have some human relationships (relational capital?), which to me is just as important as the tech—although the engineering and wider adoption of the tech is obviously also very important.

However, it’s hard to say which of the new breed of visionary projects is actually going to succeed. There are so many it’s hard to keep track. That’s another way relationships simplifying things. Who can we actually work with, in the present, in a mutually enhancing, symbiotic ways? Who might be as interested in Cosmos as we are interested in it? That’s where I see an advantage to focusing on Holochain. That said, it’s good to keep an eye on what’s emerging in the wider world.

(Geoffrey Edwards) #4

I agree. I signed in and looked around, but nothing seems functional at this point … the links go to github, which is the developers’ community we are already on for holochain. Until there are functioning apps, there isn’t much to see, and my programming skills aren’t strong enough to get such an app going… I can barely manage holochain as it is. So it is a wait-and-see proposition.