Interface Issues

(Geoffrey Edwards) #1

I was poking around on the “back end” of the site, thanks to Marco @madrush granting me access, and I was struck by the amount of material back there to which access appears limited (you can find a lot of it via “Search”, but only if you know what to look for, i.e. what key words to use). I know what I am suggesting may be way too big to even contemplate, all these “little ideas” can involve big mobilizations to achieve, but I was wondering if we couldn’t have a “high level” access to an “Archive” via the menus - I was even thinking “Journal”, “Podcasts”, “Conversations”, “Archive”, but if the powers that be consider that too high up, maybe it could be a Channel instead, and we could provide some access threads to the material. Just an idea…


(Marco V Morelli) #2

Hi Geoffrey, yes we’ve built up a nice backlog of material. Cafés, reading groups, various literary experiments. Much of it is accessible in the forum (if you know where/how to look!) or from the Metapsychosis (Wordpress) admin area (or various Google Drive folders), but I have always thought that we could present these productions in a more organized and attractive form, with dedicated pages on or other Cosmos website.

I dream of orderly, accessible, user-friendly archives that feed the Cosmic field as well as a ripple into wider cultural movements. I think it is just a matter of focusing on this particular work amidst our various activities.

For example, it would be nice if each piece had a description and keywords (and transcript if appropriate) so that the whole library is easily searchable. We’ve done this for some events but not all. It would also be nice if any trusted editors or community contributors could help maintain the system with little effort.

Mostly I think it would just be a matter of time, training, and access for some others to be able to help with such a project. It has been high on my list to show our media handling and archives some love. I am glad you’ve brought it up! In addition to the navigation change which you suggest, what would be helpful to you or any others who would be interested in tending our archives?


(Geoffrey Edwards) #3

If you like, Marco, I could make a summer project out of this. I was thinking about being more active on the editorial side of things, and maybe I could transition into that eventually too, but database design is one of my professional competencies, so this would potentially be a stronger use of my talents. Let me poke around and develop a kind of inventory of the data, and think about how to structure it for robust and long term access. You mentioned you had some ideas about what the material consists of and what searchable fields might be… if you could share that it would give me a good start. I probably won’t have much time for this until end of May, but then I’ll invest some serious time into this.


(Marco V Morelli) #4

That sounds fantastic, @Geoffrey_Edwards. It would be a great help. I have been acutely aware of the growing clutter—which is really an embarrassment of riches, imo—and hoping to find time soon to put it into some improvised order, before it really gets out of hand.

I have sketchy ideas. But I would love to simply share those and then support you however possible in creating a “structure for robust and long term access.” I like that; I think Long Now. It sounds like a fun summer project, maybe even for some students. I have been calling it (code name) “the ArkHive”—because I imagine it as a large buzzing vessel, weathering tempests, dripping with honey. I wonder how a Jonah would carry an ArkHive? :wink:

Who really knows if the future will have use for any of this—but we’re here, and we’re…


I would like to preserve and pass on (perhaps to later versions of ourselves) a collective field-memory of media creations that carry the feeling of life and potentials for learning.


(john davis) #5

And later versions of ourselves… and is there anything else about those later versions of ourselves?

Where are the later versions of ourselves?

And do they have a size or a shape?

And what do the later versions of ourselves want to have happen?


(Maia ) #6

Yes! Would love to have a clearer way of knowing about the existence of, and knowing where things are stored. Mostly, I end up here because of summaries by email…because I don’t really
“get” the structure of the website as a whole. Website stuff is definitely not anything I am competent in anyway, so… I’m stumbling around quite a bit! For instance this Interface Issues page, how would I know it was even here? I just accidently ran across it…

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(Geoffrey Edwards) #7

Well, you are very efficient, Maia, because I only created the thread yesterday! And to do so, I hunted around the channels till I found one titled “Ideas, Suggestions, and Possibilities”, and decided that was a good place to post :slight_smile: But yes, I often find myself doing several searches to find stuff I know is here but can’t remember exactly how to get there, so a better system is needed!

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(Marco V Morelli) #8

I have been pondering a potential, inadvertent outsight via one of Davor’s students, who said something like, “humanity happens in the gap between technology updates.”

As well, I am recalling as Sri Aurobindo’s project of “divinizing matter,” and how this could be seen as a kind of technology upgrade on a cosmic scale. However, I recall that Aurobindo gives as much weight (if not more) to involution as to evolution; so we are not just recapitulating myths of linear progress. There is something coming down, as much as going up—not to mention inside-out, outside-in, and in every other direction.

I think later versions of ourselves are already latent in and among us now; in a way they are already bending the field towards conditions more amenable to their self-expression. I believe collective memory and vision can find shape in a living archive, which could serve as an invaluable resource to future subjectivities who are likely facing hyperstressors even more daunting than we are today.

A shared, open-source, collaboratively organized, community-accessible archive could provide a media-rich memory-substrate for the higher orders of cooperation which are already and will be increasingly required.


(Maia ) #9

True, I did arrive here----by wandering around and bumping into “Interface Issues” !


(Douglas Duff) #10

This is yet another issue that needs direct intervention. About face with the interface? I am ready for this project. I have ideas too!

A quick response as to navigational efforts:

  • click the magnifying glass to do a search. This attempt can be similar to a Google search but from within the site.
  • Below was an attempt to help Heather with the site navigation/emails:

What I have done is to simply stop receiving emails from Infinite Conversations (through my Gmail account) and asked for an Activity Summary daily. This allows for less emails :

If you click on your avatar circle --> go to your personal page’s :gear: Preferences --> Emails --> you can toggle the settings to stop receiving emails, set a daily or 3 day summary, etc.

Also, if you would prefer to have no emails and simply log onto the site and receive notifications you can set preferences to send no emails/no email summary and receive only on site notifications:

Avatar circle --> :gear: Preferences --> Notifications (If you would like to receive notification of your liked posts, Track specific topics, etc.) --> and below notifications is the more complicated “Categories” and “Tags” preferences.

We have had intentions of developing a helpful guide towards friendly navigation. This, though, is a tough problem that requires expertise from individuals who are outside of the visionary/creative crowd. We need some tech. folks to help us!!! Until then, keep trying. We feel our pain too.

@Geoffrey_Edwards: Here are a few loose threads related to this topic, which may be helpful as reference points: