interpreting mother!

(Maia ) #21

Yes, consilence (as a word) came from EOWilson, an as pect of Biophilia, loving life itself. If only humans could fall in love with Life, and be less fixated on personal sexual love and immediate family, we’d have a chance of not having to “use the lighter” in some vague hope of starting over----either the long or short version!

(Mark Jabbour) #22

Watched it yesterday.

(Marco V Morelli) #23

Good. I’m pretty sure we’re going to publish Brigid’s piece this coming week, so let’s set up a follow-up dialogue, yes? MAN, WOMAN, and GOD…bwahahaha!

(Caroline Savery) #24

Hey! Love how this thread has unfolded…

I wrote plenty about the film into my journal the two times I watched it… it’s a mess of thematic poetic material… If you’re publishing something soon, though, I could try to pull something together for that! Any sense of a deadline on that @madrush? In general, like we did for Trumpocalypse, I’m really digging the idea of Metapsychosis compiling different artists’ thematic reponses to a single work of art, like a garden of rambling branches of distinct interpretations/creative forays… Releasing like theme “pulses” or “waves” on one compelling topic. That said: hoping to be included in mother! “pulse!”

(Marco V Morelli) #25

Hi Caroline, indeed about the thread. It’s been a nice pulse, or series of pulses, on this film, which I’ve been letting grow at their own pace (neither too fast nor too slow, I hope).

Given that dynamic, I can’t really offer you a deadline for the piece you have in mind. But I can tell you that we’re planning to publish Brigid’s piece later this week, with another talk planned after that (w/ @Mark_Jabbour joining us, I hope…and you’re invited, too, @Ariadne) to add another layer of interpretation. You could certainly add another one on top of that! Or some new synthesis of your own perceptions and the interference patterns of these pulsing waves. Maybe we’d aim for publishing it in July, if you can finish it by the end of June?

(Mark Jabbour) #26

I agree, if by ‘unconsciously going through the script’ you mean acting out in art [the film] real life. Looking forward to Wednesday’s podcast with you & @madrush.

(Mindful Ai) #27

Raw, unedited video featuring Brigid Burke, Mark Jabbour, Marco V Morelli, and Natalia Anthony discussing Darren Aronofsky’s feature film, mother!

This follows a previous talk with other guests and contributors, and accompanies Brigid’s (soon to be) recently published piece in Metapsychosis, “The Mythology of Darren Aronofsky’s 'mother!”