Introduce yourself, dear Geek Love readers!

(Carmen Leilani) #1

Welcome dear reader!

This is the space to introduce yourself! We’re getting starting with our reading of Geek Love on July 25th! You’ll be receiving an email right before the read, but we’d love to know a little bit about you (or however you’d like to present yourself or your avatar for this book read) and why you’re excited to read Geek Love with us! Have you read it before? Did someone recommend it to you? What appeals to you about this work?

Let us know!

Personal Introductions (forum-wide)
(Jeremy) #2

Let’s see. I’m gonna try to answer this.

a) You probably know a little about me already.

b) Geek Love seems like it’s an interesting read, and out of comfort zone. Book clubs are good for that. Though, I suppose I am a card carrying geek by all standards; I regularly immerse myself in large, philosophical or academic tomes concerning arcane subjects that relate to commentary on current events and “meta” issues like climate change and futurism. Or something.

Anyways, I need to pick up the book. More later!

(Oliver Rabinovitch) #3

Hello dreamlet sisters and brothers and children of all ages,

I’m hosting this reading along with the inimitable @Carmen_Leilani, so please settle in and slow your roles.

I was recommended this book by a wild-ayed gynius living the greasy streets of Bojerg, city of mutants. I think she said she knew the Binewskis when they were vacationing there… or was it making connections of a clandestine nature? I always get those confused.

At any rate, I’m an idiot. I’m just a sample boy from a squall town. My friend, the one what recommended it, seems weird but we’re coauthoring a series of microdoses of philosophy disguised as mutable, quip-therapy sessions. They’re called MBATs. That stands for Me Being a Therapist.

I sense8 this novel will confirm, what my crystal mama always said, I was real good at loving just about any idiot. So, we begin our story in the flickering light of the LCD…

~ Oliver Rabinovitch the 3

(Carmen Leilani) #4

Carmen, 41, in Northern California. I’ll be your co-host for the Geek Love read Hangouts.

First read Geek Love 10+ years ago, when I didn’t understand my attraction to/affinity for the freak characters in this book. It has everything I ever wanted in a book soup. I wanted this world to be real and I wondered if I too would have to drink bleach or something to force jumpstart whatever latent mutuant DNA would make me more “special.”

Since then I knew that whomever said they liked this book too was a kindred spirit. So I’m hoping that means that all of you who are actually taking this journey with us (hooray for shared appointment experiences with total strangers - who does that anymore?) are going to be NEW KINDRED SPIRITS.

I’m sure you’re wondering, like I did when I first heard about litgeeks, what makes this book club “unusually hardcore.” Neither @madrush nor @Jeremy really answered that question for me (they hosted the last one), so I guess it’s up to @Oliver_Rabinovitch and I to define the “hardcore” aspect. (rubs hands together emoji bc i’m too tired to find it) Suggestions welcome.

(Marco V Morelli) #5

@Carmen_Leilani, I’ll post my intro here in due time. But since you asked…

I’ll re-share this post for you (and any other newcomers) to give a taste, at least from my perspective.

–> The Ecstasy of a Book Club

Really looking forward to geeking out with everyone! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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(Oliver Rabinovitch) #6

you’re gonna feel the hardness of the core when the MACHOMAN runs WILD Oliver you!!

(Marco V Morelli) #7

(Jeff Bellsey) #8

Greetings fellow Geeks, closet Geeks, and aspiring Geeks —

I’m super-excited to read this masterpiece. Again. It’s coming up on 30 years since my first read, which blew my little head off. That was during that wonderful time when I was throwing myself at anything that would unmoor me from my comfort zone. This book deserves significant credit for any success I’ve had with the unmooring project, on equal footing with acid, late Coltrane, and Seung Sahn.

So, there’s the reading, and there’s the club. I’m looking forward to Marco’s hand guiding us towards the ecstatic liminal between the comfortable and the self-indulgent chaotic. “A playful passion for depth” — RIGHT ON to each of those juicy words.

Many thanks to @Carmen_Leilani for inviting me!

(Marco V Morelli) #9

Glad you can join us here in Interstellar Space, @jbellsey. Thanks for introducing yourself! For some reason I feel like I’ve known you for a while, but I don’t think we’ve ever interacted (that I recall). I hope we get to hang out and talk in (at least virtual) person…

(Oliver Rabinovitch) #10

Good to see you here @jbellsey! Thanks for adding your fine flavor to the mix. Looking forward to your scholarly wisdom-in-action to support the peek into madness from the edges of our collective raft. Thanks for the life vestiture for the crew.

(Jim Trattner) #11

Thank you Carmen for inviting me to read Geek Love and to join this Hardcore Book Club. Seeing that I’m only 77 years old, and acknowledging that I’ve never belonged to a book club, I hope you and my fellow members of the club (MOC) will be patient with me while I get acclimated to the Integral 2.0.1, or whatever it evolves into, style of discussion. Lest this seems like sarcasm, it isn’t. I simply sense that I have entered into an esoteric school that I haven’t visited before and am wondering if the entrance requirements may preclude my full participation. We’ll see.

I will spare the others here my bonafides as, per the book, we “norms” may actually be disadvantaged. Congratulations, Carmen, on your new affiliation as co-docent. I’m sure anything that you are associated with will truly be hardcore and not in the least, frivolous.

I warn you all, in advance, I play hard!

Also, please make sure to vote for Hillary.
I’m Jim Trattner and I approve this message.

(Carmen Leilani) #12


I am beyond delighted that you are joining us - but c’mon now, real talk - "Norm"ing is drag for you. (As it is for me). But it is my hope that we can all get naked to our geeky cores here.

Now that you’ve signed up for the forums, I invite you to share your enthusiastic insights and reactions to the sweet smorgasbord of content our curators have prepared for us on Metapsychosis! Get your sticky brain goo all over this site, comrade!

(Jim Trattner) #13

My picture is worth a thousand words. I’ll do my best to keep it real. The book is worthy of our collective attention. Great choice.

(Sylvie Spirou) #14

Hello fellow lit geeks! Carmen and I went to College together and I was a lit major at that time and so, of course, used to read a lot! Unfortunately, I have very rarely read for pleasure as of late. I am hoping that having this type of structure will re spark my love affair with books. Currently, I am pretty busy with my 11 month old son, working as a telephonic wellness coach, and staying abreast of current health research. I’m constantly talking to my clients about self care and encouraging them to take time to engage in pleasurable activities and so it occurred to me that I want to walk my talk!
I’ve already jumped into this reading. I am hooked! This is my first time reading this book and I’m compelled to read, read, read to see what happens next. I want to read it first quickly for the story line and then plan to go back and luxuriate in the language. There is a lot of poetry in the word choice and I’m noticing it in passing…

Excited to connect with you all in this forum. Thanks!!


(Carmen Leilani) #15

Sly, I am elated that you are here to join us and I love that we are exercising our brains together :slight_smile: