Is Optimism worth it?

My Mum told me I was a ‘sunny’ child, and I know I have always been temperamentally an optimist. We are still in severe lockdown in Scotland. About five weeks ago, I decided my wellbeing would be served by finding new ways to reach out to people. I want to be part of a community of people who prefer to be optimistic in the face of profound challenges in our world. Not to ignore, or forget or dismiss but to relate, to experiment, to be friendly.

I am heading for 70 next year. I continue to pay attention to what is happening, discern what I see as the truth, and seek ways to integrate my understanding into living my life well. I am eternally curious, and I love to stretch myself ( I recently went surfing for the first time - loved it!)

I decided to launch a weekly newsletter called ‘The Sunny Optimist: Ideas, Information, and Inspiration to brighten your day’. It includes my musings, shares snippets from wisdom that I come across, and invites people to join in. My purpose for the newsletter is to gather beauty into posts that make people smile or breathe into the present moment to know that all is well.

I joined the Goodreads community on the weekend as I mention books in most of my newsletters. I am a bit of a rookie in the techie world. I did not realise that when I linked to Facebook, I was directly contacting my’ friends’. And lo and behold, I reply came in from #douggins, and he signed up for The Sunny Optimist too. Woo Hoo! This little accident has spurred me to reconnect here. I feel I am now a writer and a curator, albeit for a lighthearted and personal reaching out to people. The creative process of writing weekly has brought a structure to my life that has enhanced my wellbeing. The engagement from the subscribers has be great fun, too.

I have opened a thread here to inquire into optimism and to explore views and writings with anyone called to play in the sandbox with me. Here is a link to this week’s post for information A Lockdown Cossiter : In the loving embrace of fire

I look forward to (re)connecting here



This is very much Attuned to my California Mind-Body-Ecology,Surfing is about getting in the Water & Engaging,Growing Skill/s with what’s in Front & All around. There’s no Denial,there’s challenging our built-in Immunity to Change ,Every body wants things to change (their Way) . But nobody wants to Change! Surfing & other Metaphors help us get into the Water & "Participate with Change In A Way that Honors Our Values in-with the Ride !


hi there - love the image and the evocative use of surfing as life lessons. thanks for responding :slight_smile:


Blessed are those who practice contemplative prayer before they sleep and those who promptly go back to it when they wake up. They eat a little, sleep, eat a little more and nestle in the Lord’s arms, like children who fall asleep on their mother’s breast after being fed, then they wake up, suckle some more and fall asleep again. Thus, in these radiant intervals, their time is spent more in contemplative prayer than in sleep . . . even though they have slept; when they wake up they know that their soul has slept in the Beloved’s arms.

This is from Yoga Nidra - Sleep of the Sages, a recent read and a favorite out of the selection of “night literature” I have been reading nowadays. This is a strange quote for me to carry forward as an affirmation, especially strange as I have no Lord to call Father nor have I been seeking the Mother. I have been using the metaphor of the lone wolf or the nomadic soul as the urge to navigate the internal layers often seems like a solo journey.

To be as innocent; as at peace; as accepting as an infant in all actions is a challenge for adults. I recently read elsewhere that ‘God is a nomad who has been extended to the heavens, remembering his dunes.’ And this phrase seemed strangely sad and forlorn. This phrase comes from a writing which is speaking of the transcendent God, a far cry from my beliefs . . . so perhaps the nomadic metaphor for myself is limited . . . Maybe it’s time to come home.

In these times in which it can be quite easy for the introverted soul to take pleasure in the quiet corners of the world, it is refreshing to know that there is still room to nestle (courie) in the communities that express love. I mistook courie for the French verb courir (to run) . . . In French, it can also mean to rush. Even in the solitude of our homes we can easily continue rushing around in our heads. Yet . . .Ça ne sert à rien de courir. Especially in this season. As a wise man here once said: “chunk down; chunk slow” . . .

I am swirling with pleasure right now, remembering past activities on this site. This revered community reverberates daily as I proceed with family and work and personal affairs. I long for the days in which I can give other’s written efforts their due response and for those times in which I could provide full attention to reading groups and gatherings in the Cafe. Here are a few selections of fiery memories rising from the ashes of the past:

  • your fire meditation was great! Thanks for putting this together. We have a wood-burning stove active this time of year in our abode. Home is where the hearth is, I say! I wake at three am to let the cat out and restoke the fire. I have been practicing meditation before I go back to bed and will often use the fire as a meditative tool.

  • Here is another poetic meditation by @Ariadne that stirs up the eternal flames:

  • I am also reminded of @DurwinFoster’s father’s gentle website The Happy Seeker, perhaps the adorable doppleganger to The Sunny Optimist. There is something about aging that permits a certain breed of us to remain in the light during darker moments. I am reminded of your great support for my thoughts of “we can all be elders”; we can all support the community that we believe needs to flourish rather than support the large economies and spinning capital programs.

In some sort of conclusion . . . yes! it is! Optimism fills the half-empty glass with an unimaginable love only felt in the hearts of those that dare drinketh. Thank you for reaching out Ann.


Your voice comes of out the night like the mockingbird’s voice, never expected, always a blessing.
I put lay hands and head on “my” Tree every night before bed in a prayer of thanksgiving and plea for guidance in the ways of Life. At dawn I feed the wild creatures. It’s especially cold here these days, and we’re all hungry for every sort of communion.
Musing on the “point of harmony”, the Ever-present Origin, the Family of Being, stars and moons singing out singing in… oh sing on!

Dear Douggins, thank you for finding a moment, a way, to be (here).


#douggins - love your feedback and engagement. Thank you. I so appreciate you finding the space to engage. Thank you for the link to the Happy Seeker - I wonder if you have signposted me there before as I remember reading his posts and thinking what an inspiration he was. I am still wanting to make more of the goodreads platform - hoping to have some space over the Festive Season. It is so good to know you are there and with ‘unimagineable love’ Mmmmmmm