Journey to Supermind: Aurobindo Reading & Practice Groups - Introductory Session [5/31]


(Marco V Morelli) #1

Thursday, 5/31 – 6 pm (Mountain Time)
ZOOM video conference:

More info: Journey to Supermind [proposed] – Aurobindo reading & practice groups – planning & logistics

Globes, by Peter Sloterdijk – Conversation #6 [5/10]
Journey to Supermind [proposed] – Aurobindo reading & practice groups – planning & logistics
(Geoffrey Edwards) #2

A book arrived in the mail this morning - it was Banerji’s Seven Quartets of Becoming. I forgot that I had ordered it, but it looks really interesting. It is subtitled “A Transformative Yoga Psychology Based on the Diaries of Sri Aurobindo” and it appears to situate Aurobindo’s writing in relation to Jung and Freud on the one hand, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, Derrida and, especially, Deleuze. It also references the Integral movement. So as a way of connecting Aurobindo’s thought into currents of thinking that I understand (more or less) or am currently reading about, it seems particularly useful to me. Of course, all that is only the first 100 pages or so, after that he dives more deeply into Aurobindo’s writings and its significance. Overall, I’m charmed by the book, and plan to use it as a commentary/companion to the Aurobindo reading itself.

(john davis) #3

Excellent, Geoffrey! We must be on the same wavelength. I have read some of that book and listened to lots of talks by Banerji. He is a good companion to take on this journey. I am also delving into Aurobindo’s The Future Poetry. Sri Aurobindo is a good writer. I agree with TJ’s comment that he is very direct, unlike our friend, Sloterjdiik.I am also looking at a book on the Tantric traditions which I hope to use as well. I feel the call of a new adventure is stirring us up!