Journey to Supermind [proposed] – Aurobindo reading & practice groups – planning & logistics

(Zachary Feder) #21

Yes, correction. Wednesday.

And no kidding. Another of my favorite colloquial German-ism is “everything has an end. But only a sausage has two.”

They do love their sausage expressions, don’t they?

And the word fart. It genuinely seems like the entire language was founded on that single word. I hear it at least a dozen times in every conversation.

(Ed Mahood) #22

They certainly do … but they’ll also tell you in der Zeit der grössten Not, schmeckt die Wurst auch ohne Brot" (in the time of greatest dread, sausage is also good without bread), though you should know that of the almost 400 varieties of bread in this country, you are in a region with some of the tastiest of them. I often find myself yearning for a simple buttered pretzel (Butterbrezel) in the morning; you can get Brezel here, but they’re not quite the same.

The significance of “fart”, however, is dialectical.

(Ed Mahood) #23

Oh, and just to rub it in (at least a little) … I’m sure you won’t be here for the whole month, but this year May is particularly merry: we’ve got a total of 4 holidays in the 31-day period: 1 May (the “real” Labor Day, at least traditionally), 10 May (Ascension Thursday; aka German Father’s Day … a hoot if you’re a guy), 21 May (Whit Monday … or the Monday after Pentecost for my American brethren), and 31 May (Corpus Christi, and also always on a Thursday).

At the last company I worked for, the preferable way to deal with overtime was to take comp time, and Thursday holidays beg for taking it on the Friday: what the Germans then call a “Brückentag” (a “bridge day”). Throw in Whit Monday, and you’re looking at 1 long and 2 very long weekends on top of a Tuesday holiday (which, because of its placement, begs for a “bridge day” on 30 April, if you’ve got time to burn).

Just a cultural side note for your amusement.

(Marco V Morelli) #24

I’ve set up an event time for an introductory meeting on Thursday, 5/31 at 6 pm Mountain time.

I am imagining we could then quickly follow with a Café session on Tuesday 6/5, then fall into our alternating weekly pattern, with the next meeting on Thursday 6/14, and so on.

Depending on the level of interest, of course, this format could change, and there might be better, alternative times for some folks, which is why I leave room for a plural “groups.” This is an ongoing process, so please let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks!

(T J Williams) #25

Just as the Gebser section contains discussions of readings and related topics, an Aurobindo section is where I would think to look for them first.
(Of course, a careful read of the OP shows that you already link them here… :blush:)

Sigh… So looking forward to Friday… LOL

(Marco V Morelli) #26

I moved the topics over, so now all Aurobindo related posts should be here:

Update: I’ve also revised the reading schedule in the original post above to reflect the new start time.

(john davis) #27

Esoteric practices are now readily available through Youtube. I offer this video as a good example of Yoga Nidra, a practice that I believe can provide an experiential component to our reading of Sri Aurobindo. His philosophy came out of actual experiences that he accumulated and reflected upon and experimented with. I believe we can greatly enhance our map making by exploring the subtle somatic intelligence as he did. Because we share a similar human neurology, I imagine that these ancient practices are still effective at creating conditions for human evolution. This kind of experimenting is the undercommons of our emerging trans-cultural development. And it also really feels good!

(Wendy Ronitz-Baker ) #28

I like the alternating Tuesday’s and Thursdays. As much as I would love to participate in the cafes, I am at work at that time in a meeting I can’t get out of. So I was looking forward to the Thursday night aurobindo talks. Thanks Marco for giving us options and to all who suggested it!

(Mindful AI) #29

FYI, I’ve added a new overview page & wiki for the various details of this event here:

Will close this topic out for now…

(Mindful AI) #30