KeyCode Process: README

This particular post is an unedited stream of thought, particularly personal. As a result it will be messy. Consider it free-form jazz performed by the elephant in the room. Someone has to speak up, just happened to be this mouse of a man…Mighty vulnerable, if I can say of myself. (recently I was told I play the Fool tarot card when I talk/write; this was given as a complement…I have yet to fully understand what this friend meant).

I love this everything here. I came across the site after a search for Metamodernism. A short, sweet smart discussion was posted by @natesavery with comments from @patanswer, @madrush, @johnnydavis54, and @achronon… I noticed something different about the forum, the cleanliness, the ease of posting, the options for posting. Then I moved on. Just a post on a thread and a chance to voice an opinion outside of a Facebook group or a YouTube comment.
I happened on the site a second time via a podcast episode on “What’s Your Theory” with @Jeremy as a guest. Gebser later entered one of my searches and aha! another hit on the Infinite Conversations. The rest is history.
Literally a couple months of in depth participation, true participation from similar kin. I had the time, the lack of commitments at certain times of day that coincided with the Cosmos Cafes and now the Spheres, Globes discussions. This has been life changing in fast and subtle ways.

I am a self described nothing. I have nothing I can contribute here. A beggar’s daily earnings as contribution, no in depth creative ideas, nothing beyond the surface. No professional calling, no unique characteristics, I am the old man on the porch just happy to be alive. The passive nomadic, grazing about the fields, nibbling upon online orts. Yet, here, within this space, I have been proven wrong. I am not nothing. I am no thing.
I begin as no thing. This no thing is what I equate with God. The Ground of all Being. Each day is an attempt to reach back into this no thing. A quick meditation reminder; while reading; while writing… This no thing is everything. Others have said it better, but I am trying, constantly, once I sit and think about it, to go back into this no-thingness, for this is where the creativity arrives. The tapping into the timeless, spaceless, if but for a brief moment. This no thing is every thing and, for me this is the place to begin.
Each something I contribute here (or anywhere…but here for the sake of direction) is a step away from what I truly believe. What do I truly believe? Just that: anything , anywhere is a step away from the source. How am I to create? How am I to exist in this space, this place of constant stepping out of myself and a constant stepping back in? Much of my life has been spent going in one direction only to self-sabotage, to reject, to eject myself mid-project, mid-sentence. Now, through intense reading, forced depth of thought and intuitive exploration, my life has changed; I have finally developed the courage to exist within this ever-morphing, ever-crumbling, ever-creating world.
I love my life more than ever now. Now is the time to create. I could reference hundreds of friends, authors, philosophers, soul-archaeologists, poet-mystics, theologians who have led me to this point. But this project, this platform known as the Cosmos Co-op, though the threads and discussions and readings are often shaped around the big names, is about us.

This project and this stellar display that is the "Outline of Key Documents Project & KeyCode Process is bound to instantly be beyond what anyone can conceive. @care_save and @madrush have placed before us what I see to be a flawless documentation. All I can critique at this time is a couple spelling errors, honestly.

I have read the previous thoughts here from 2016, 2017 ranging from litcoin to holacracy to just hanging out, talking about stuff. Much of what was said last year is what was being said the year before, but better, clearer, more comprehensive. This key document project is solid. More feedback to come soon. Others, I hope, can respond with specific critique…much better than this mess here.

So , at this time in this grand project, it comes down to what role can we play? I have the gift of being present. Here I am, I can answer your questions, research a topic, feel your pain, correct spelling, give guidance if you desire it. Specifically I am no thing, I have nothing to offer professionally, I am just a decent friend, decent conversationalist, a listener. A fool.


cen·trip·e·tal force
a force that acts on a body moving in a circular path and is directed toward the center around which the body is moving.

cen·trif·u·gal force
an apparent force that acts outward on a body moving around a center, arising from the body’s inertia.

Out of these whirling forces, something like a holding pattern, a self embrace emerges, that can move around and look human for awhile before it subsides, becomes senescent and breaks up.

And the grandpa on the porch knows this, perhaps. But grandpas in the future, who have broke through to the Integral, will not be like the grandpas of the past, and may sense things differently.

We are not growing older the way other generations have. This is not a country for old men. There will be no more golf courses, and hours watching TV in mindless patriarchal privilege. Those of us who are able to hold the space will flourish, perhaps, but no one is going to clean up after you. How does one master these forces, learns to work with them effectively?

I think it is a matter of style. Style and spirit point to one another. Style is what allows us to take the leap between cosmologies. So be aware of what your friends like about you, the old gay man, Quentin Crisp, ( who was my neighbor many years ago) used to say, and do it on purpose.

The way you wear your hat
The way you sip your tea
The memory of all that
No, no they can’t take that away from me…