Landing Cosmos


Great post Marco! I like that you continually strive to make this whole project more transparent and user-friendly. And especially that you and we continue to knead a unique community experience. Much to learn from each other.

The ship of Theseus metaphor keeps sailing these waters. Is it the same Cosmos Collective that once sailed in yonder year 2015? Same ship, different day? We have had some fine pieces of the ship chip off and set sail on their own journeys. We have placed new pieces upon the ship; added new crew members along the way. You say the ship has already launched and I agree. Perhaps a premature launch as the builders swim alongside the ship and build up and patch up in real-time. Or maybe a Twainian raft to start us off and we pick up passengers and materials along the way. Or neighborhood children-friends in muddy puddle streams with sticks as ships and play in mind.

Landing Cosmos means to me: making the most of where we are, and where we’re probably going to be staying for a while in the chaotic order of things, digging in our roots and making more nourishing connections, where we can. It means “chopping wood and carrying water,” actually building the organizational systems and supports that could sustain a creative community, publishing venture, and educational initiative in the long run. This will take more time, but I am now accepting that we have already found our place, where the work must occur.

Self as ship already made (nature; collective unconscious; genetic seed to ship); self as ship already launched (birth; nurture; death; rebirth); and self as landing (a completion; entering new phase). We are the ship scattering seeds on fertile soils. We need others to nourish this phase of growth. We thrive from the knowledge and wisdom of the community.

I worked at an outdoor therapeutic camp for troubled youth and the had to chop wood and carry water and cook their own food (at least on weekends). These were rough-around-the-edge ruffians but they could cook a mean community when they got to working together on a project or a meal.

Let Cosmos be home many voices and many songs, and may all the songs, however discrete and distinctive, in the widest possible horizon, make one song, and may that one song sing to the limit-function of the universe, make zero howl and make the void weep! And may I open up the strange loop of my ears, and may the world open its meta-ears to hear your song, our collaborative songs, our secret joys and silent rages, our universal ideals made undefeated flesh, forged in realities bespeaking the unspeakable.

I like your play on the sociocracy book Many Voices One Song. . . yes! Many songs! For those that have not been aware of the Cosmos Collaborative meetings, some of the recent restructuring of our Cosmic ship borrows ideas from sociocracy. This website has been helpful for anyone wanting to learn more about the practice.

A couple notes:

  • the calendar is needing an update. I am unable to update it myself (no backend access)
  • the “we have” link should lead to Geoffreyjen’s upcoming book but leads to Cosmos.Earth

Thanks for catching my drift, Doug.


I’ll add an action to my task list to add you to the backend. We can also discuss web stuff on Thursday. I’ve always enjoyed the sense of community created by co-working, launching things, landing things… rough seas, luminous waters, and strange fish indeed.


Interesting to come across sociocracy in your writing. Sociocracy originated in the Netherlands by Gerard Endenburg Gerard Endenburg - Wikipedia, together with his friend and one of my best friends, Nol van Dijk. What a pleasure to see that the ideas are still around.