Le Guin Dreams

This was probably inevitable, given the amount of time I’ve been reading, sitting, and thinking about Le Guin’s The Dispossessed, but last week I finally dreamt of meeting Le Guin herself.

We were in some kind of artist’s workshop. Books and writing tools were scattered on old desks with notes and papers scribbled everywhere. A Le Guin Writer’s nook, perhaps, if only imaginary.

Unawares that I was dreaming, and slightly star struck. I wasn’t sure if I were interrupting a writing session, but she turned and gestured me towards her desk in a friendly manner. She smiled and reached out to take something that I suddenly realized I was holding. It was a book; not The Dispossessed, but The Lathe of Heaven.(1)My favorite Le Guin work.

She opened the first few pages and I assumed she was signing it for me – she gave me a slightly mischievous look and said, “watch closely, as I show you…”

With the book folded open on a blank page, she waved her other hand, holding a pen, over the page. Hand-written words appeared, fully written. I couldn’t make out the sentences, but they were on the paper as if they’d been written many years ago.

“This is what Shevek discovered,” she told me, and moved her hand over the page – the words vanished and the paper was unmarked again.

Again, she waved her hand over the page and the words appeared once more. “So time is reversible?” I asked. She just smiled. I felt she was conveying something silently, something more mystical about time than the mere reversibility of its passage.

She handed the book back to me, and I felt like I was holding some great secret. Something Shevek would have understood – like one of his dreams – some mysterious passageway between different moments, as if decades could co-exist in one space, as if things could be old and new at the same time.

I woke up and wanted to tell the dream right away to my fellow litgeeks, but Christmas season has kept me busy. Perhaps its best that I gave the dream a few days to process in my subconscious and digest in my meaning-making consciousness.

What do you think of this dream? Has Le Guin, or Odo, or Shevek made it into your unconscious mutterings as of late?

(1) It’s interesting to note that The Lathe of Heaven is really, itself, a book about dreaming and reality. So it was highly appropriate to meet Le Guin in a dream holding her book about dreaming!


Very interesting dream. You mention that you were unaware that you were
dreaming. Could have been very close to a lucid dream. It almost seems as
if Ursala herself is teasing you to wake up to the dream. A Dream figure
can be read as projections of the dreamer’s mind or if the dream figure is
treated as an autonomous intelligence a full blown shamanic encounter might
occur. How the dreamer frames the experience will shape the dream event.
Seems the Ursala figure is a bit of a Trickster or perhaps the Magician? I
would suggest you let yourself remain open to possibilities. This dream
could be the start of a series of extraordinary learning events. Perhaps
before bed you could write down questions about the dream and put them
under your pillow? You are very good at detailed description of what
happened and this is a useful skill to have for translating a reality into
another reality. Good luck and may the force go with you!

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I am enchanted once again, Doug, by your deep archival searches. This is what an archive is for! Although I think my comments to our friend, Jeremy, has merit, it also strikes me a bit presumptuous. He has certainly directed his and our attention to great effect since that dream was told so long ago. And since that dream report, Le Guin has entered the Big Dreamtime, and continues to work her magic through the tall tales she has left us. The dream report and the work of this Sybil leaves me breathless with admiration.


Just a quick search for the term “dream” and found this beautiful gem from @Jeremy, a recent visitor-in-residence (after a few GebserCon updates), a “founding brother” of this site. Always a pleasure to see nomadic embers that continue in distant fires rekindled in communities once called home.

I also wanted to note that a book that @Geoffreyjen_Edwards’ recommended, The Lathe of Heaven, appears above. I have an inkling that it will make it on the top of my list based upon the storyline alone. Yet alone I do not wish to read it. Based on our Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Reading List That Rules From The Centre of the Ultraworld, I do not mind feeding the beast with one more recommendation.


I know, Doug, you were advocating for Simondon and Tillich at one time. As we are finishing up the Sri Aurobindo and feeling the enormous sweep of that text, I am more open to something in the middle range that is not too long and not too hard. The timing is so important as for some authors it is important to read in a certain order to get the most of them. I can, having endured the steep climb of Life Divine, imagine reconnecting to the Christian contemplative tradition. So I am open now in a way that I wasn’t a few months ago to riding a new wave of thinker/activists. And I do imagine, as you suggested, that looking at Gidley again could be a blast.


Yes. both were on the radar but quickly out of range. Even when we go slow in our collective readings, some ideas are quickly consumed and we resume with our daily bread/reading list.
One of the reasons I stuck with this site is because I was looking for a simple design in order to start a website and a discussion around “The Integral Tillich” …the online FB page and other groups are so limited on discussion. Ideas are not spreading to religious communities fast enough to have a well-rounded discussion. I figured this Tillich page would be a nice bridge for Christian kin to get a healthy dose of new ideas. (Don’t knw where I stand with this idea…there is so much dryness in Tillich, it can be difficult to extract a complete system of relevance to what we explore here. I wouldn’t mind a brush up on his stuff. If we need another trilogy, his Systematic Theology would provide a worthy discussion!

Recent lines of thought:

  • Gebser+ Kerri Welch + EEG + Aurobindo + a frequent revisit to continual awareness between sleep dream wake cycles which some of us are exploring (see online test two of CosmosVision here…this is @madrush at his best! just watch for 2 minute starting at 49 minutes ) + my hibernation project, which is morphing into newer layers, including incubation, perhaps mutation (once the next writer’s discussion on Mutations settles in)…

  • I think you’d like this line of thought @johnnydavis54: Jennifer Gidley+ space (see Appendix B) + (DONT FORGET ABOUT FOAMS!!!) + (and KeyDocs) + Postformal education +Harari/Brand + Matt Segall + CIIS/IC/other nodes of education + talks with Erin Manning + recent reads (John D. Peters)

  • Miranda’s Prospecting Futures + future prospecting + gidley + Cafe proposal process + reading suggestions + conscious creation.

I hope to put together a Cosmos Cafe around Gidley and Postformal Education in tandem with recent spaciotemporal explorations. Let me know what you’d like to see happen!


I love this idea. I also have some interest in working with space and clean language. We can do a test run with that on Weds with other projects. I hope we can use the Weds “live” session to process some of these ideas and develop a body of knowledge. We could have a rehearsal and then present something for the Cafe.