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I cant find a link to the Cafe today. Has it been cancelled? It would be nice if there was an easy way to find a link to an event.

It was set up by Marco a few days ago but got lost in the exponential growth of conversations on the site. Here is the link:

The easiest way to find the Cafes in all of the mess of stuff is to click on Infinite Commons where it says “all channels” up top and that will lead to the Cosmos Cafe page. What has been making it a bit harder to locate too is that other conversations about past Cafes are being rekindled. My preferred way to locate something on a specific date is to do a search for the date. If you type in “10/9” the cafe is listed. But this doesnt always work…if you type 10/11, for example, you will get our Life Divine discussion, the CoRealizing Cosmos + some other dates from 2016!
I will be unable to attend this Cafe (definitely one I will review when video is posted!) as I am traveling after an extended weekend with family in TN. I will be back in time tomorrow for our Alternate Realities conversation.

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Thanks Doug I will see you tomorrow. And can you send me a link when you get a chance to that event, too? I see no announcements for future dates.

Hey Doug. I am unable to reply to your message about tomorrow’s event. I wanted to share some stuff about that event but I can’t. I feel that we are turning into a secret society! I’m not totally psychic yet. I wish we can make tomorrow’s event transparent as possible and share messages easily so we dont get lost in the cosmic drift. Do I have to message you privately or can we reclassify? I would like to send a global message to those concerned. Thanks!

Problem corrected.The reply button is now available so I will try to respond to your message now at that place is space. I have had trouble getting started today. Thanks for your patience.

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