Looking for testers for Cosmos email newsletters

Hi everybody, we are setting up the infrastructure for sending email newsletters to people who sign up on Cosmos.coop, Metapsychosis.com, or any of our other sites where we might offer a mailing list sign-up form. In order to manage which contacts have signed up for which lists, process new subscriptions and unsubscribe requests, and also send the newsletters themselves, we are using an open-source, self-hosted (i.e., privacy respecting) marketing app paired with a sending service for actually delivering the emails.

People who have signed up to receive these might be interested in becoming co-op members, following an Untimely Books/Metapsychosis author they like, receiving updates about upcoming Cosmos Café events, participating in a particular reading or study group, etc. The idea is to send people precisely the communications relevant to their unfolding experience in Cosmos, no more and no less—to inform, educate, and delight when possible. Some people call it Marketing, but I just think of it as mindful-systemic communication, which could be an artform and invitation to creative play in itself, another facet of the meta-story we are telling.

Since people read email across a variety of devices, it is a good idea to test emails before they are sent to an entire list and make sure they look aesthetically correct, without layout or design errors, as well as proofread for typos and broken links. To be on the newsletter test list, you just have to be willing to receive test emails (sometimes a few in a row) and reply back letting the sender (who will be someone from the Cosmos communications/marketing circle) know how it looks to you, with attention to the points above.

Having a group of 3-5 testers should give us sufficient coverage for pre-flight email tests, allowing that not all members will always be available to give feedback every time. Please comment below or send me a private message to let me know if you would like to be part of this group. Do not include your email address if you comment below—as an admin, I will copy it from your profile in the forum, or you can private-message me a different address you would prefer to use.

:star_struck: Thank you all for reading this—and for replying if you are so moved!


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