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Immediate opportunity: I’m looking for help with a client project which involves designing a series of pop-up web forms (to collect name & email) for a ‘green’ web retail company.

The pop-ups have to be attractive, and must scale to an appropriate size across devices with different size screens (mobile, tablet, desktop). We are using a service called OptinMonster to manage the pop-ups. I will provide creative guidance and technical integration. You will need basic HTML and CSS, and preferably prior experience designing web forms, to perform this project.

Contact: @madrush with availability & pay requirements.

Timeline: 12/10 - 12/19

(Liz Tufte) #2

Hello Marco,

I’m a graphic & web designer in Fort Collins, and I just met Caroline this weekend. We had a blast doing some filmmaking! She introduced me to this platform and alerted me to your job posting. HTML is no problem, but I know just enough CSS to be dangerous. If you’re willing to guide me on that, I’m a quick study.

I’m available immediately

Payment negotiable. I’m rebuilding my business based on a Pay What You Can model ~ please see https://www.facebook.com/littlewildwings/

I’ll fill out my profile and add a portfolio, etc. but wanted to start the conversation with you right away.

Thanks for co-creating this co-op and website! It’s beautiful and amazing.

~ Liz Tufte

(Marco V Morelli) #3

Hey Liz,

Thanks for your reply! I like the birds.

Could we talk on Wednesday, early afternoon?

I will send you a private message and we can schedule a time.


(Liz Tufte) #4

YES! Wednesday, early afternoon it is. Thank you.

So glad you like the birds. They come to me through my grandmother, who I think was really a bird soul in a human body.

~ Liz

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