Meme-worthy Quotes from Cosmos Authors

Dear @ub-authors, @editors, and @ccafe crew (& other interested parties!) ~ a local collaborator, Katie Pendergast ( has offered to set up an Instagram account for us and create some social-media shareable memes, promoting Cosmos Co-op and Untimely Books or our individual books. She is looking for short quotes that she could put together with images, which we can then post.

These could be quotes from our published or soon-to-be published books, or work we’ve published on, or even just authors we’re read in the Café or Readers Underground groups. Would anyone like to help out contributing or compiling quotes and images she could use?

After 7+ years of basically doing zero marketing—here’s a chance to get the word out about all the creative/intellectual work we’ve been doing here. And we could really use the help! Case in point: here is what happened when I tried my hand at throwing together a meme last year, in a moment of random inspiration:

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And here’s one I created back in 2016, back when I had a lot more time to spend on this kind of thing:

Surely, there could be more (and better ones) where these came from. Please feel free to post your suggestions and ideas in the thread below. Thank you!

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My visit to Penang’s Snake Temple showed another way to think about Life’s serpents.


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Here are some quotes from my book that you can play with, or not:

Like the problem that had no name until Betty Friedan recognized and named it, which led to the women’s movement, and the problem that Martin Luther King addressed for Black people, which led to the civil rights movement, today’s problem with no name is harder to recognize because it does not involve an easily identifiable subgroup or minority. It lurks in the structure of language, and because everyone uses language, it affects everyone.

If our current ways of thinking have led us to an increasing sense of fragmentation and to the breakdown of old structures, such as the nuclear family, the corporation, community, marriage, and even democracy, then what will a new way of thinking provide?

Syntax is too slow. —John Dotson

What Might Language 2.0 Look Like?

“A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.” What happens when we mistake infinite games for finite ones?

To fully embrace paradox, we will need to feel the excitement aspect of the emotional dissonance reaction that paradox frequently causes.

Wholeness defies objective description because it includes what is absent from it.

How could we construct a way of reasoning that starts with completeness AND the distinctions within it?

If I related to all somethings as someones, for my conscience to let me put the coffee beans in the grinder, I would not casually say “I am making coffee.” I would instead prepare sacred coffee-beings for ritual transmutation by water.

Have fun, Michael Stumpf!!! I love the images you find…




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