Migrating Cosmos beta members to our OpenCollective page

Currently: Beta members sign up at cosmos.coop/join — however, this sign-up has not been updated in over a year, and there is nothing really offered for this membership on a regular basis with accountability. Nor is there any transparency about our finances or deliberation about the use of this money. (There is little to account for at this time, to be sure…but still, this would be part of growing up into a real co-op.)

I would like to transition out of “beta” to a more active crowdfunding mode for Cosmos (as well as IC, Metapsy, ToE, and other projects in the system).

Marking this as a priority if we are going to start raising more money and working towards a transparent accounting and co-budgeting system.

This project would have to tie in with our communications, onboarding, and ongoing support for members. I imagine there would be a sub-committee or working group dedicated to growing our presence on OpenCollective—perhaps also exploring other ways of raising money, e.g., grants.

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