Mind to Mind: Cultural Conversations – RSVP and suggest topics

OK, so, now that welcoming new members, let’s start doing live conversations (as promised) about things desirous of being discussed.

Caroline and I are hosting the Co-op “Shop Talk” discussions every Tuesday, which cover the business side of Cosmos and what we’re doing as a community, internally.

But I’d like to do a weekly Zoom hangout to talk about our wider culture, society, and world, and discuss events, ideas, phenomena, and cultural objects such as movies, books, essays, podcasts, etc. I enjoyed the conversations we had last year, e.g., “Chaos, Crisis, and Creativity,” but I’d like to do them regularly, and jump between topics, interlocutors, and guests, while extending and unfurling a meta-conversation over time.

I envision it being a kind of radio show, with some focus or theme or specific topic each week, which can come from any of us. But most of all, I’d like it be a conversation, beautiful and worthwhile in and of itself.

I might invite a specifc guest for a particular show, but I want others to suggest ideas and join in the live dialogue and even sometimes host as well.

I propose to start by doing these calls every Friday at 11 am Mountain time, and I’d like for them to be live broadcast, so they are actually like a real radio show and streamed live—raw and unedited, baby.

Who wants to join me? I don’t know if we can pull off a real show as soon as Friday this week, but I’m open to at least doing a test run.

Some initial ideas:

I’ve chatted w/ @johnnydavis54 about discussing the film Moonlight.

And @care_save has suggested that we discuss the article below, which she found to be particularly timely and relavant to Cosmos.

Also, if anyone’s seen the documentary, HyperNormalisation, I’m posting a review of it tomorrow and would love to discuss.

I’d also like to suggest that we could use a portion of the call to discuss recent publications on Metapsychosis, or even topics that are active in the forum.

If you’d like to suggest a topic and/or join the hangout, please comment below! I will follow up with the call-in and live-stream details.

For anyone following this topic, I am closing it now, since I’ve rethought how I want to handle this show. Long story short, rather than split my energies into another channel/brand/identity with “Mind to Mind,” I’m going to turn the Infinite Conversations podcast itself into a long-form “live show” and start doing it weekly, most likely on Tuesdays. More info soon…

Cc: @charles