Misc. forum organization updates

Just a quick update that I’ve been doing some maintenance work and consolidation on the channels in the forum, and the work is still in progress. In addition to deleting a bunch of unused channels (previously under #co-op:coworking), I have also moved previously top-level into sub-channels. We could reverse this later, but see what you think. The biggest change involves the following moves:

  • ‘Readers Underground’ channels under ‘Metapsychosis,
  • ‘FM [podcasts]’ under ‘Infinite Commons.’
  • ‘Meta’ under ‘Infinite Commons’
  • ‘Coworking Space’ under ‘Cosmos Co-op’

You can always see all channels by clicking the “Channels” tab. All of these channels are under development, some further along than others.

I have also set the ‘Channels’ overview page as the default home page of the site to help new visitors get oriented to what’s going on here, where. Once you’re logged in you can set your own default home page (‘Latest’ or ‘Channels’) seem to be the best choices) in your user preferences, under ‘Interface’.

Lastly, you can now see a drop-down, next to ‘All Channels’ in the upper left, for ‘all tags.’ However, these tags stll need to be cleaned up and I would also like to incorporate the new terms that @Geoffrey_Edwards introduced here:

Little by little…


Noticed the work mentioned above and appreciate the “clean-up”

Potential Edits:

I am still having trouble as a member & as a “new user” (when I log out to see the channel front page) to catch wind of the events. The Cosmos Welcome and Orientation Meetings are front page, but no mention of the Cosmos Cafe or Spheres (and previously the Cosmos Development Conversations…which is still mentioned on the events link on the Cosmos Co-op page…little by little, most definitely!). The only way to find these is to go exploring in the vast Topic forest or to go to the Cosmos Cooperative page and click on the events. Maybe this can be a pinned post for new (and current) users in the Announcements channel. Or, promote the new “tags” drop down so one can find the “events” tag.

Also, posting here rather than through an email directly to you @madrush in case others want to add to this potential edit section. Please cut me off here if I am forking too much pork.


I always just click on the lemniscate in the upper left-hand corner of the screen when I’m online, and I always get a complete list of everything. Threads I’m not “watching” or “participating in” are dark and have numbers in purple circles to show new posts, or they are displayed in black (instead of greyed out) if there is new activity there.

Helps me get around. Just a thought.


Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming. Maybe we could do something better with that top “Announcements” channel, such as using it to show upcoming events? Those would then need to be moved to the appropriate channel/archive when the event is over.

We also have this page, and the calendar therein:

And this could be tweaked to show upcoming events (which will automatically disappear when the event is over), and can be linked with a corresponding forum topic. We’d need to distribute access to adding events to the calendar; show how it’s done, etc. Which I am looking forward to doing.

That page is managed from the Wordpress site, btw, and is more of a public facing page—so it would be easier for anyone to find—but it’s technically distinct from the forum, just fyi.


Yep, aware of all of this, thanks. I think a link from announcement page to the CCo-op Events page + the new channel front page would/will definitely assist newcomers to what is offered here; not just viewing it as a forum, but as multi-media, etc. And the “tweaking” ideas sound good as well. @achronon: that is my first and main method for navigation. I think Marco’s and crew’s additional “all tag” feature, once developed more, will be another useful method I would use + the newer organization of the channels makes more sense to me…now how do you get us old dogs to learn new tricks, such as actually utilizing the channels more frequently?


Well, first you have to become an old dog. Considering where you reside, you are familiar with the term “whipper-snapper”? :rofl:


Another little tweak: Changed display of sub-channels from “box” to “bullet” style.




  • Didn’t like the big blocks of color w/ sub-channels stacked (e.g., under Metapsychosis)
  • Bullet style allows sub-channels to be displayed inline
  • Cleaner, more minimalist, less chunky look overall

Feedback welcome (should become needless to say).


Agreed, easier on the brain, less overwhelming. :+1:


Changed “Announcements” to “Bulletin Board” – thinking this could open it up for other forum members to share what they’re up to, or what’s worth a look; misc. requests, etc. This could also be a feature available to supporting members on Open Collective, a small perk for contributing.


I also created a “Getting Started” channel, which I envision containing the “quick guide” to getting up and running on Cosmos / IC. However, I have not yet added anything to it yet. Please feel free to suggest useful info or tutorials for this sub-channel.



Update: I changed the “Bulletin Board” channel back to “Announcements,” which, upon reflection and living with previous change for a while, seems more accurate to what would be posted there, like Doug’s baby announcement or other updates of general interest to the community.

It means also that we could eventually transition the Cosmos mailing list to the forum, where members (or interested parties) could simply track (and choose whether or not to receive email notifications from) the #welcome:announcements channel, or any mix of channels they choose. This would mean one less tool to manage for admins, and a more granular way, for users, to manage their communication preferences.

As always, feedback welcome. If you notice any other improvements we can make to our settings here, please feel free to suggest those too.

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