My Author's website at

Hello all, I just launched my personal Writer’s website at - it contains detailed information about my various writing projects, along with a Writer’s Blog that I plan to maintain. Note, @hfester and @madrush that I put up some information about you in the “Collaborators” section under “Co-creation sites” - you might want to check what I wrote for accuracy, and if you want me to change anything, let me know. It’s a way for me to promote your work as well.


Wonderful, Geoffrey. It’s an honor to be listed among your collaborators. I’ll be returning to this site as we get deeper into the editorial/publishing process for PLENUM and the other CHRONICLES. I have not updated my own website in a couple years at least, but I will get around to eventually (I hope). :slight_smile:

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You GO, Bro!

I am so proud of YOU, Geoffrey! I plan to visit and explore, as well! How soon can we expect to see your projects fully realized and catalogued on the shelves of Barnes & Noble?