Need a blog writer for an outdoor furniture / eco-forestry company

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I’m looking for some help with writing blog posts for a company I’ve been working with for the last 8 years called Forever Redwood.

This client needs high-quality articles that target certain search keywords, for example, “pergola kits” or “picnic tables,” while at the same time saying something that’s actually useful or interesting to the people who find and read the article.

Forever Redwood is a mission-oriented company that restores redwood forestland in northern California. The furniture business funds the restoration forestry work.

We will work together to develop content strategy and editorial flow, but you will need to do the research and creative thinking to craft each individual post, find suitable images, and publish to the blog. (Basic knowledge of using Wordpress will be required.)

Payment and terms will be based on need, availability, and other factors TBD, which we can discuss.

Here is the company website:

And this video provides a good introduction to their vision:

Message me if you’re interested!

PS. Their woodworking and craftsmanship is excellent as well. We have a redwood rocking chair in our house, given as a gift, and it’s beautiful and sturdy. See their Pergolas & Pavilions e-book (PDF) for illustrative examples of their work.

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Did you ever get anyone for this? I may have someone.

Actually, yes, got somebody. But this is an area which can grow, and I have a few other clients who occassionally need writing help, so I will let you know next time a gig comes up!

He’s a good buddy of mine and does great freelance writing for all kinds of orgs currently living in Hiroshima. Maybe worth keeping him in your roller decks in case anything pops up. He’s also been writing an adaptation of Spencers the Faire Queene for almot a decade, last I heard. What a glorious mega nerd.

And please let your wife know I’m interested. The timing may work out as well as we’re traveling for a month in a week. Perhaps we can set up a discovery session when she’s available sometime in May / June?

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