New Reading Group: Soliciting Interest in the Subject of “Consequential Reality”


These are great titles, Brigid, and I will follow how your project unfolds. Especially interested in the egregore. We, at the Cafe, are oganizing a mix of group readings for the next year and I sense that we are co-creating a public space where organic intellectuals can thrive. Consider me very interested in your offering. Thanks!


Hello, John! Thank you for checking in! I agree, the egregore is the most interesting of these concepts to me as well, and I’d love to discuss Stavish’s book in a group setting. I’ve also got some votes for Eco’s “Faith in Fakes”, which is a different look at the subject, but also really interesting. I’ve not been previously involved in the Cafe, but I do think it’s a great space for real discussion (unlike a lot of polarized spaces on Internet forums). I’ll be in touch about it when I’m settled overseas, where I plan to be for a few months. Thanks again!