Odo's "Social Organism"--What is it, how does it work on Anarres?

I’m interested to hear what people think about Odo’s “Social Organism”–the book that caused a revolution and founded a whole society, a new world.

“’to make a thief, make an owner; to create crime, create laws.’ The Social Organism.”

What can we infer about Odo’s writing from the society that emerged from it? We’ll never be able to read the “primary source”, as it exists only imaginally–but what do you all believe is the sum of the book and its contents? And how does this book relate to her other writing “The Analogy”?

I want to know how other people feel this Odonian society functions and what their gaps of understanding are about how it functions, which may be explained later in the book–after reading about how hermits live on Anarres, now I at least have some understanding about where @jeremy would be living in this society. :wink:

So two parts to this question really-- What’s inside Odo’s “Social Organism” and “Analogy”? How is it reflected in society? And is there anything we’ve read so far about Anarres that doesn’t quite make sense or add up in terms of how we think such a society should work?

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