Open Topic – Pt. 1, Ch. 4 – Mutations as an Integral Phenomenon: An Intermediate Study

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I have read this section and made some notes, but am experiencing technical difficulties. Will post when I can, meanwhile I am reading the next section - it’s heavy going but worthwhile.


“What is at stake here is neither a loss nor a gain, niether an ascent or a descent, but a re-arrangement or restructuration, a mutative unfolding that is both positive and negative in the terrestrial arena, in other words, in the space-time world where it appears and is fulfilled.” (134)

I love that phrase, mutative unfolding. It reminds me of Goethe’s morphology and his essay “The Metamorphosis of Plants”, and its curious that Gebser didn’t use these terms (that I’ve noticed) when speaking about mutations.
But then, to paraphrase, Gebser alludes to a “core” that is “outside” this terrestrial arena, and is scarcely touched by it because it is only tangential to it. Further, that this “core” is identical to originary presence. It seems he is foreshadowing what he will later call “paradoxical thinking”, in that he is describing this core as both a “nucleus” and yet tangential, i.e. peripheral, to the terrestrial arena (or battlefield, scene, proving ground).