Open Topic – Pt. 2, Ch. 1 – The Irruption of Time (+ author's comments and Interim Word)

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Just came across this passage at the beginning of Part 2 and felt moved to copy it here, as it seems this IS essentially what we’re up to in this book club, what this ‘Winter of Origins’ is all about.

What is to come? I believe that I have given some indication of the answer to this question. As in any crisis there are two possible answers to the question of its outcome: demise or transition. It is my hope that the examination and the supporting evidence which I have presented may clarify for the reader that we can solve such an alternative in a positive way. To be sure, this requires co-operation; for this reason the book itself has been written in such a way as to require a certain participation of the reader. Anyone who takes to heart the solution to our problems, and who has not forgotten that we partake every moment of our lives in the originary powers of an ultimately spiritual nature, will be willing to participate in this task. The subtitle ‘An Attempt at the concretion of the spiritual’ (and not merely the psychic and the intellectual) is addressed to those who do not wish to forfeit in their lives the humility and dignity that are only then granted to us when we recognize spiritual values. To them our profoundly troubled age will reveal the new awareness that today’s events have meaning and can lead to a meaningful tomorrow. It is the basic concern of the present book to demonstrate this possibility without indulging in modernism or pandering to optimism. The strengths of origin, and our own strength in bringing this origin to effectivity, are the factors that will decide our fate." (p. 278-9, emphasis mine)


From the ‘Interim Word’ – p. 280:

a transposition of genuine values

sounds like Nietzsche.

the incursion of the negative or minus domain that lies below the zero



an example of which is

the neurotic denial of the immaterial origin of matter

Every one of us today in his or her own way, wherever we may be, is not only a witness but an instrument of what is to be reality—hence the necessity for us to create the means with which we ourselves can jointly shape this new reality. (p. 283)

“I have no time”—this million-fold remark by man today is symptomatic. “Time,” even in this still negative form is his overriding preoccupation; but when speaking of time, man today still thinks of clock time. How shocked he would be if he were to realize that he is also saying “I have no soul” and “I have no life!” For perspectival man, time did not yet pose a problem. Only man today who is now awakening or mutating toward the aperspectival consciousness takes note of every hour of his apparent lack of time that drives him to the brink of despair. (p. 288)


Strange how when I let go of expectations about time, I feel freer, more able to be patient with others and with myself.

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