Open Topic – Pt. 2, Ch. 4 – The New Concepts

Continuing the discussion from Open Topic – Pt. 2, Ch. 3 – The Nature of Creativity:

Place to put miscellaneous thoughts, reflections, questions, illuminations, impressions, confusions, quotations, references, resources, trivia, creative responses, or any other seemingly random yet suggestive content relating to Part 2, Chapter 4: The New Concepts.

If it feels potentially interesting or relevant, even if it isn’t a fully formed observation, feel free to post it here.

If a thread emerges that deserves its own topic, use the “reply as linked topic” function to continue the discussion in a dedicated thread.

Confused about the “new concepts” of temporics, systasis, and synairesis? Frustrated by the fourth-dimensional a-mensioning of diuretic diaphaneity? Disturbed by overmuch talk regarding the “suicide of Western Civilization” (or the supersession or subsession of the same)? Crypto-materialism gotcha down?

The Rockwell Retro Encabulator could help!

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