Options for registration / RSVPing for Cafés and other group events

As an event organizer, I would like to know who is planning to attend an event without ambiguity or lot of back and forth. In case anyone cancels, I would like to be able to see the current list of registrants before the event begins.

As a participant, I would like an easy (1-click, if I’m logged in) way to register for an event I would like to attend, or at least show that I am interested (whether or not I can make it).

Additionally, I would like to be able to change my registration status, express my regrets, or otherwise leave comments with the event organizer and other participants before and after the event (i.e., event is connected to a topic).

As both an event organizer and participant, it would be nice if the event could be added to my personal calendar (in the same gesture with creation/registration) and (optionally) if I can be sent a reminder containing the logistical info (such as Zoom link) before the event begins.

How does that sound for a “user story” and desired outcome? Can we collectively design the process we would like for this meta-flow?

In this topic, I would like to consider the concept from an ideal point of view, not limited to our current technology set-up or process, which is being documented separately here:


This is a wiki topic so please discuss and help edit. Let’s clarify and interconnect our ‘operational chains’ through visualization, feedback, and concretion. Thanks!