Parable Series by Octavia Butler Conversation 5: Parable of the Talents Chapters 13-21 + Epilogue [9/26]

Parable Series by Octavia Butler Conversation 5

Parable of the Talents Chapters 13-21 + Epilogue

Readers Underground participants:

Geoffrey Edwards
Jocelyne Kiss
Marco Morelli
Douglas Duff
Mary Thaler
Miranda Iossifidis

Recorded 27 September, 2018

This conversation completes Butler’s second Parable book.

The group discusses:

  • The hopeful, uplifting ending in light of the destructive chaos and struggles throughout the books
  • The strengths and talents pursued by each character
  • The depths of Butler’s characters (family dynamics)+ their development and relationships with other characters throughout the novels

The group asked and reflected upon questions of the plausibility of the Earthseed religion; relations of text to contemporary society (climate change, political landscape); visions of reality.

The group closed the conversation with a discussion of next week’s wrap-up session.



About Octavia Butler : "Octavia Butler passed away on February 24th, 2006 at the age of only 58, leaving behind a body of work whose influence cannot be exaggerated. Butler was a Black, female genre writer at a time when science fiction was still seen by many as the territory of white men. Her writing centered on women of color in a way few narratives then did, and posited that empathy could be humanity’s saving grace. As today’s environmental and human rights crises make painfully clear, Butler’s work is only going to become more relevant and necessary as time goes on. " - Carolyn Cox, The Portalist, 2018, URL : 1

Seed Questions

  • Octavia Butler had other Parable books planned. Talents provides closure for Lauren’s life. Does it provide closure for you, as a reader?
  • [insert your question on this wiki]

Upcoming sessions

All sessions will occur 10 AM- 12PM MDT; 12 PM - 2 PM EDT

In your timezone: 4:00:00 PM6:00:00 PM

Week 9 (Oct. 3rd): Parable of the Talents - Wrap-up
Week 11 (Oct. 17th): Potential follow-up with Miranda


For more information about Butler and her books, refer back to the [announcement thread. (

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