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(piety piet) #41

wrote this to a dear friend a minute ago:
i am planning on sending them some images of the ‘holomind perceiver’, the 6 spheres of consciousness* that sit in your head like an internalized crown … or like that rainbow thorn crown i got coloured with by Greg the tobacco shaman in the mid eighties, somewhere in Aspen Colorado … i might even have that piece of art somewhere still …

actually, … the first thing i wanted to tell them is that i feel (over the years and with multiple reconfirmations) PS ventriloquizes me (my body of thought/ethics rather) so often it seems like a staple to him. He points towards me with very ‘circumvoluntarizing’ … ‘circonvolute’ gossamer, threading it thru the whole weave of that literate history portion/sliver accesible to him … yet seems to enjoy keeping it all cloaked with riddle filters, piles of swaddle … which … given the taboo drenched being i am is understandable; you’d jeopardize jobsecurity and standing when looking straight at what i try to stand for (tree-crops, it’s not a secret)

would they be impressed if i tell them i spent 2 weeks with rashneesh in poonah and PS xx?? prolly long before me?
that i met him a few times for a few hours near his house and once in america, working where he turned up as guest?

i have no regrets about joining though … this was worth the price of entry:
eine ruhige Kugel schieben (literally, “to push a quiet ball”) which more or less means “to have it pretty cushy”
in light of what you’ll see i mean here:
yeah, i’m the ultra me[n]tal/ffyzical aanzwengelaar (cranker), root me.

PS: fresh new and all for U:
johannes 7
voorwaar, voorwaar, wie mijn WOORD BEWAARD, zal de dood niet zien tot in de eeuwigheid
= voor aar voor aar … oord beaard, …
oord is location … aard = earth
which brings me to an explanation for my moniker (an ‘acrynome’ really)
Rocks Rolled and spun to earth

i saved the bad news for last:
my friend quotes a line from Gibran and i go:
i did not slog thru all of the new to me WIT i found today (which brought me here… i ‘aud’ it with robotsoftware, having lost patience with literacy [off- and onscreens] a long time ago) but did note his recent jibe at Gibran in ‘deadwood’
… found it off the wall disconcerting he scolds Assad and blames him for stuff the deep state [zog] which Trump shills for, pins on him succesfully thru their mega ‘roeptoeters’ … becoming a scary globalist was always a threatening ‘avenue’ towards his ethical downfall … in the end he avoided it as little as the pharmaffiya he seems to have surrendered to and does equally cynical poems on …

he’s always been a puffy guy and prolly hid a fondness of / dependency on alcohol pretty well all this ‘while’ … i could quote Morelli calling PS a farmintbrewskier or some such around heah and perhaps that IS what prevents clarity … who knows how deep that robotwhole goes down his genetree?
I usually see and call it when/soon as i feel folks deliberately distract & steal from, blaspheme, taunt and subvert mindbody nexus care; this is where i’ll heavaleave it for now:
my failing is forcing the hour, his is hanging back … ??

(Jamie Ranger) #42

Hello everyone!

My name is Jamie, I’m a postgraduate student from the UK. I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BA in Politics and Philosophy in 2014, and then from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) with a Msc. in Political Theory in 2015. I spent a year as a teaching assistant in a primary school and working in a secondhand bookshop before moving to the University of Oxford, where I’m currently an MPhil student in Politics, with a concentration in Political Theory. Plan A is to transition onto the DPhil programme (what they call a PhD here for some historical reason) and become an academic in a Politics department somewhere. Plan B (should my proposal be rejected) would be to take a year out and have a think about whether I want to pursue my other interests full-time.

I found myself drawn to this community for a multitude of reasons; firstly, I’ve been watching the Sloterdijk discussions, which I found fascinating, as I am alone in my department for even knowing who Sloterdijk is (aside from German students who perceive him as an irritant from public TV!), and I am probably the only person in the department who has ever attempted to read the Spheres trilogy. I have read both Bubbles and Globes, and I’m currently halfway through Foams, and I’d love to bounce some ideas off fellow readers on this bizarre sojourn into his mind.

The second reason I was drawn to the community was due to its anarchistic setup (a political ideology for which I have much sympathy) and its unashamed belief in the creative potential of human beings. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a novel (I’ve been writing short stories since I was a child), and I’ve written several television pilot scripts (mainly hitherto-rejected comedies), and I’m looking forward to seeing if, with group support, I may return to my proverbial side cabinet full of half-baked ideas, and eventually conjure something remotely presentable.

I’ll try to be as active as possible as a member of the community, but keep in mind the time difference (I’ll be up at 1am my time if I am to contribute to Sloterdijk discussions!) and my hectic MPhil schedule (I’ve got a 25,000-word thesis due in two months!), so if I suddenly disappear, I apologise in advance!

Globes, by Peter Sloterdijk – Conversation #2
(Geoffrey Edwards) #43

I can commiserate, Jamie. I was in Australia for several of the Bubbles conversations and I had to get up at 4 a.m. to be present! I also encourage you on the novel writing business. I am a senior academic, and for the past 6 years I have been writing a science-fiction opus (currently 2400 pages) as a side-line. So it is possible. I joined up with a group this last November called NaNoWrMo - they are writers who support each other, ostensibly over the month of November but to a lesser extent all year round, to motivate writing. I currently write 1000 words per day on average, in addition to my academic career (and the Sloterdijk reading!).

(Eduardo Rocha) #44

Hello. I’m Eduardo Rocha from Brazil. I began to read about Sloterdijk in 2016 and let some things back in 2017. But I returned recently in my studies. I hope to help in some way.