Playbook (Templates for Game Play)

The point of the Playbook is to be an open-ended, user-generated collection or “book” of templates for “how to play in/on Cosmos.”

The Playbook’s contents represent optional, “plug-in” style templates for ways users may autonomously choose to utilize Cosmos. This is in contrast, and complementary, to the main (or Constitutional) game, which is a unified progression game concerned with the self-actualization of every member and the whole system, holistically. In other words: whereas the Constitution (or “codex”) codifies what rules or frames are mandatory for all users in Cosmos, the Playbook would be a vast, wide-ranging “wiki” of ways users enjoy using Cosmos (see also Process Templates).

As a compendium of our collective insight (resulting from our efforts at co-innovating ways to engage in self-actualizing micro-games/processes through the Cosmos framework), the Playbook would contain a variety of templates for users to adopt and adapt, and could be packaged into “sub-books” for handy reference. For instance, a new user-member may be handed a “new user handbook” comprised of Playbook contents that describe basic techniques for effectively navigating the forum (plus other standard Cosmos “spaces”), thus giving them a leg up in beginning to “play” the Cosmos game autonomously, explore its offerings, and interact. Members can reference the Playbook and add to it as much as they want (and be rewarded for doing so)—or, members may choose a more “exploratory” approach to rambling through Cosmos, where they learn by exploring and interacting on their own, instead of studying existing known methods.

Some examples of Playbook contents might be:

  • best practices for holding cross-disciplinary conversations,
  • useful norms & protocols for casual/social writers’ clubs/groups,
  • methods for recruiting collaborators to one’s project,
  • templates for configuring one’s user dashboard,
  • interactive “games” that can be played with other members through the internal currencies
  • Etc.

For more introductory/framing content about The Playbook, see Invitation: The Playbook.

The Playbook is already in development and co-creation by the Cosmos community. Check out the Cosmos Playbook channel for more in development.