Pollination - a Global Festival for Regenerative Culture

(Marco V Morelli) #1

I’m wondering if anyone’s planning to attend this event. I know @care_save has talked with Magenta (of Bloom), and I know that Bloom was a kind of a mutation from the (Reality Sandwich-connected) Evolver network, which some friends were involved with; but I’m otherwise completely unconnected to this community—not really sure if I feel called or the synergies just sound nice. I am wondering if it’s worth the trip to cross-pollinate.

I am a late bloomer myself. A spore on the wind. I would like to go; but I fear the expense of staying in San Francisco even for a few days, so it would be good to split expenses with a cohort. Also, if I went, I don’t think I would want to fly. I would probably take the train. Which would take longer. But would be (much) prettier.


(Caroline Savery) #2


Magenta is supposed to be visiting Denver April 27-30… it would be great if we could all meet up! She is a magically bright being.

Also, if I’m headed out there, I think I would drive and sleep in my vehicle. So I’m happy to represent Cosmos at this event. Although they’ve been playing cards close to their chest as far as the development of their platform, and they’re more focused on stimulating & supporting local, physical, engaged regenerative culture interventions (like a looser more creative version of Transition Towns), I believe Cosmos (which also has an ultimate vision for supporting local in-person events and has been dabbling in that) and Bloom have overlap in terms of their platform logic, design, governance, etc. so we should remain allies if not find ways for interoperability ultimately. I’m SUPER curious to get under the hood of the actual digital platform Magenta has spent YEARS building in collective/committee contexts. That’s my main aim, as well as to network with regenerative developers around Cosmos by attending.

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(Caroline Savery) #3

So far I’ve heard that @Deacon and @coydog are interested in meeting up with Magenta in Boulder evening of April 28, and @madrush and me of course. Set time is 6:30pm to start… anyone have a recommendation for a dinner spot in Boulder?

Anyone else wanna meet up? We will also be joined by her boyfriend Light who works for Aragon. These are some primo decentralized autonomous systems & platform builders, to be sure. Probably a little taste of what the Bloom convergence will be like. I’m stoked.

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