Principles of Cooperation (for Conscious Evolution)

Here’s a talk that I believe is especially relevant to our efforts to craft a constitutional framework for Cosmos Co-op: The Race to Cooperation with David Sloan Wilson

Specifically, I wonder how we could apply these 8 design principles for prosocial organizations that David Sloan Wilson lays out:

Humans are a fundamentally cooperative species, but we need to feel safe in our group to be prosocial. Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom theorized that some groups overcome the ‘tragedy of the commons’ and successfully manage common resources by applying these core design principles:

  • Commons need to have clearly defined boundaries.
  • Rules should fit local circumstances.
  • Participatory decision-making is vital.
  • Commons must be monitored.
  • Sanctions for those who abuse the commons should be graduated.
  • Conflict resolution should be easily accessible.
  • Commons need the right to organize.
  • Commons work best when nested within larger networks.

(Coincidentally, Sloan Wilson teaches at my alma mater, Binghamton University.)

If anyone would be interested in having a dedicated conversation on this topic, I could be available an upcoming Tuesday at 11 am Mountain time. I think we’re in a great position to put exactly what Wilson is talking about into practice.