Products & Services

As noted in the “How We Serve” section about the reciprocal relationship between members and services/products provided (where resources are applied and new features produced as a result of users’ interaction and feedback), here is a high-level outline of what the Cosmos platform would provide.

As will be expanded upon in the following sections, Cosmos offers its members a diversified platform, social community, and interdependent economic systems (cooperative), (in other words: technological, social and informational resources) enabling the following activities and exchanges:

Platform functions & features - all members benefit:

  • Dashboard
    • incl. Feeds, Search and System/User interaction
  • Spaces of Exchange
    • Marketplace
    • Conversation & Gathering Zones
    • Projects
  • Internal Currencies
  • Plug-ins (capacity for user-generated platform feature initiatives to be sponsored into existence and hence provided to members)

The Five Pillars - creative members primarily benefit :

  • Process Templates (Playbook) and
  • Platform Infrastructure for products and services in service to the following:
    • Incubation
    • Community
    • Production
    • Publishing
    • Promotion
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