Projects & Plug-ins

This document describes the spaces and capacities intended to foster autonomous and semi-autonomous groups to coordinate themselves around fulfilling productive potentials. This has a lot of overlap with the Five Pillars (the Generalized Creative Process), and includes both

  1. Cosmos’ own development (as a platform, community and cooperative economic system - leveraging workers [worker-members] and co-op capital)
  2. The peer-interaction-based development of any potential creative project or product [and/or “plug-in” that others can “uptake” and opt-into on Cosmos] is made possible.

First: the forum. There are spaces on, and ways to use, the forum that are focused on incubating and producing potential creative works (see: Writers Underground) and cooperative works (see: Praxis Process). We’d like to continue building the process templates (and, reflexively, adapting the platform) to further enhance this capacity.

Second, let’s look at the creative initiatives and products that might be considered either plug-ins or core Cosmos features, but that are distinct spaces/capacities.

  • Metapsychosis - a journal of literature, art and consciousness. This is one the first “cooperative journal” templates of its kind in Cosmos. A dedicated community of participants is currently operating and simultaneously developing this space.
    • Once Metapsychosis’ adaptive systems are developed and it becomes articulated as a complex of process templates–others become able to replicate and adapt that method to their community’s own aims.
  • Theory of Everybody - (not yet developed) - intended to provided integrated blogging and podcasting capabilities to members, so members can have their own personal spaces (and invite others into them) where they may churn out creative works.
  • Creative Studio - generalized open incubation space for creative works.
    • Potential for focused teams to come together, using process templates related to each stage of the creative process
  • - (not yet developed) Intention: "dedicated to producing arts and culture & educational content for a visionary/planetary civilization”. Would be Cosmos’ PR/marketing/media “at large” arm, that serves to amplify its members productions into the broader cultural sphere.

^Cosmos-provided spaces

Member-driven spaces:

  • Projects - occurs when members autonomously agree to come together on a common purpose or creative potential (of any kind). Through using the platform (esp. forum), they’d create a space in which they’d pursue structured interactions and activities (using “process templates” at any point in the creative process–or the entire process, stacked/integrated into one coordinated team space) to create original new works of media or other forms, which can then be sold or marketed through Cosmos (see: Marketplace).
  • Plug-ins - ditto to the above, but developing a product, service, application or utility that serves other members on Cosmos. These would be produced by receiving sponsorship from the membership and/or Cosmos the organization, and becomes a useful resource in the “environment” of Cosmos that members can “opt into” for an additional fee. See also: Plug-ins Strategy. The Marketplace (marketplace functionality) is how members could “vend” their “plug-ins” to other members.
  • Praxis Process - for incubating potentials specific to how Cosmos (the platform, community and economic system) develops.

The sister section to this one is titled “Conversations & Gathering Zones” where we discuss building community & fellowship & exploratory conversations (“play”). Such spaces are the counterpart to–and even may be said to “precede”–praxis spaces because they are where generative exploration occurs, which can and often does lead to “plucking out” specific intentions to then incubate and develop in praxis/means spaces, like those described here.