Proposal: Buildathon about Cosmos Member Survey

(Caroline Savery) #1

Buildathon: Cosmos Member Survey

Sensed need: There is a need to gain insight into one another as members… who are we and what are we looking for? What do we have to offer?
There’s also a need for broader contemplation on overall feedback systems within Cosmos, i.e., “How do we handle feedback as a community?”

Theory of Change: To have this information available would increase the potentials for individuals to connect more meaningfully with each other, for various types of groups to form out of self-/mutual-interest on the site, and for Cosmos’ leadership/workers to devise systems to better connect (especially new, onboarding) members with opportunities, spaces, conversations and communities that might best fit their needs and their offerings.

1)Get deeper/clearer on questions of “How does Cosmos gather & process feedback from its users?”
2)Produce a survey to, in the immediate term, collect information from users in a structured and protected way, and
3)Articulate a protocol for how Cosmos and members would access the resulting information to better inform product and program offerings at the collective level and better link (esp. new, onboarding) members with opportunities efficiently.

Some questions to address:

  • What would we want to know, in more detail, about one another?
  • When a new member joins Cosmos, what would be the ideal set of questions we’d ask them, so that Cosmos or its representatives could discern how to responsively serve them?
  • What data would be helpful in quantitative form? Qualitative form?
  • How would we want Cosmos to handle the information gleaned through this survey? What should the permissions be on the data collected from the survey? Can any member see it?
  • Which tools do we use to perform the surveying? And, the data analysis?

Broadview: On the subject of creating protocols and devices (like a survey) for gleaning insights into our community of users, if there is space/time to take the conversation broader/wider, it might be helpful to consider the immediate, salient “survey project” in light of Cosmos’ long-term needs for building a “conversation” and “rapport” with members around how we ask for and discern their needs and how we cater our collective and cooperative actions and offerings to our members (i.e. “community validation mechanisms” within Cosmos).

ANY INTERESTED PARTICIPANTS: Fill out this Doodle BY 12/27/18 to find a time to hold this event.

What is a hackathon or buildathon?

It’s a juicy block of time on a medium-sized topic (big and broad, but also specific–such as Litcoin, Publicity Campaign, or Co-working–allowing people to gather, put their minds together, and workshop responsive solutions to sensed needs. Harnessing the power of our creativity and our desire to “get our hands dirty,” a buildathon is an expression of “from-scratch co-creation” with our community, and such an event should generally result in a finished “prototype” or two… or, at least, the clarified, precise specifications for a prototype.

The buildathon will be open for about 3.5 hours. Anyone may drop in or out of the event as time permits. An effort will be made to include all who show up in the conversation or activities underway. One of Cosmos’ Zoom call lines would be kept open for the duration, as well as the potential to meet in person if certain members are located nearby one another. (In this case, since I’m acting as host, that applies to anyone in the Front Range area of Colorado!) :slight_smile:

*Note: right now we’ll consider rolling this survey out to all active users. Once we have formal membership intact, then this survey process might only be applicable to members.

ALL COSMOS USER-MEMBERS are warmly invited & welcome!

Additionally, there is an opportunity to co-sponsor (and co-host)!

Sign up to be a cosponsor for this event by clicking edit on this post, and putting your name next to a specific question (one that already exists, or a question you create). That’s it! I’ll follow up with you.

Co-sponsors take responsibility for leading/facilitating the conversation on that particular sub-topic. For instance, if you want to “hold” the conversation for “which tools should we use?” you might prepare by researching and getting ready to present top options to the group, as well as to facilitate related conversation.
Subtopic conversation “sections” will be scheduled emergently as organizers, community interest & details emerge.

You can check back on this page for the date/time, Zoom link, and a more detailed topical schedule up until the event.

Specially inviting: @DurwinFoster @Douggins @johnnydavis54 @madrush … (more to come)

(Marco V Morelli) #2

I’ve got a project board started here for anyone who has, or would like to request, a Cosmos Cloud account:

(john davis) #3

Feedback. I hope my positive intention is conveyed. I am speaking as a member of the audience. This is a thoughtful and reasonable request but it doesn’t make me want to drop everything and take collective action. Not yet. It is still a bit too techno cool.

My attention span is short and I have a hard time with the vocabulary. At the end of the year I am bombarded by worthy causes and my time and resources are shrinking. I don’t feel a threshold has been reached yet . I dont hear the vision yet. I do get that there is a message but it comes from the level of values ( networking, meet and greet, let’s monetize together, etc.) These are values that may be widely shared but this is not what I would call vision. I am not called upon to make life better for the unborn and the unbegot. I don’t feel the pull towards shared planetary future(s).

And what would have to happen to make that happen? How to make this concrete?

I would need to see and hear a human face, with a human voice, that is connected to a socially engaged nervous system, with a vision rather than a set of pre-planned proposals. I would like to see this on video rather than conveyed through lots of text. This video would add to the text, give us some dynamic, affective non verbals. Tell me a story, even a simple story, to help me tune into the shared interiors. One of Doug’s goofy poems would do it. Something with a curve in it.

I recall when Marco made contact with me in New York. I remember little about what we said, but I do remember at the corner of 14th and Sixth Avenue, before he caught the subway, that he gave me an imploring look, a look in his eyes of something that was bigger than both of us. It was a non verbal that broke through the traffic sounds and the fast pace of the urban landscape. He was coming from a different level. And that look made me want to help in the small ways that I could.

I also had lunch with Carolyn when she was doing a conference here. We had a lively conversation and it was at the end of the Trumpocalypse assignment. She said something about the gig economy and the struggles of her generation. She said," We may always be poor." That moved me. Poverty is also a problem that many elders are facing. We need to create a different kind of economy for a different kind of subjectivity, a subjectivity that is not grounded in simple consumerism or money making. This is a very big issue and one that strikes a resonant inter generational chord.

But this is just me. I was raised in a face to face culture and so miss that feel of being shoulder to shoulder with others who were facing the same obstacles. Even if we were only putting up flyers, we were in it together. That kind of solidarity is a vague kind of feel good that motivates altruistism and a desire to show up. That is what I find missing.

I hope this is useful feedback and makes some sense. I think it is a worth while project. Both Carolyn and Marco have warm voices and kind faces. Marco also has two lovely daughters, Carmen and Beatrice, who’s faces would melt a heart of stone. Doug has a young family, too. I’m sure we have pets or an old lady we help across the street. Carolyn is a film maker. Nothing galvanizes attention like a child or a cat or dog. They are the ones we are called upon to serve. This would take a much more theatrical kind of feeling and I appreciate why people would be reluctant to get warm and fuzzy on video. I think this would frame the request much more effectively. I want to move away from Zuckerman’s hi tech, low touch world.

We need to tune into the hearts and minds of the people out front. I hope this is helpful. I admit that this may be too idiosyncratic a response, If so, please disregard.

Thank you!

(Durwin Foster) #4

i am denied access to that one @madrush

(Marco V Morelli) #5

I’m adding people by request. Just added you…

(Caroline Savery) #6

@johnnydavis54, thank you so much for the superb feedback. Thank you for surfacing something in your original authentic and compassionate language… language I may have struggled to find, yet I also share your yearning to take this communion-building to the emotional and sensory, to the face to face, to the flyers-posting together, level! :smile:

I am taking it to heart… I anticipate that 2019 will contain much more of the co-construction and painting of a vision that is beyond and yet within every one of us… with more media involved, more color and flair, more subtext, more expressiveness overall. In fact, @madrush has this great idea (perhaps sparked in part by your feedback, I’m realizing!) to approach the Thursday co-visioning meetings with more vitality & more production value, to help with that issue of sensing other people in nuanced ways and acting on the solidarity emergent from that. :heart: Thank you, again, John, I so appreciate the perspective and voice you offer in this space and elsewhere, which is often liminal, probing, subtle/intuitive, and courageous. It is exactly your full personality that I love to see out there, so I can relate to your statement about craving that kind of thing more here.

Some open questions I’m left with at the moment: What is the beating heart of this Cosmos thing? It ought to be the people and the insightful, abundant, integrative web we’re weaving through our coming together on purpose and in love. How can we welcome people in? How can we create an experience akin to being ushered into a warm, home-cooked-meal smelling home, into laughter and discourse, like an embrace? How can we link the substance of things to the vague potential of things? How can we cause (or at least, be a cause in) mutual human development through expression of our true selves–at higher and higher resolutions?

Happy new year all! :fireworks: :candle:

(john davis) #7

It is a pleasure to give feedback and it is a double pleasure to receive feedback on our feedback. Out of these occasions, I imagine, we can also start to engage in feed-forward! We are strange loops!

(Caroline Savery) #8

Hello, folks,

Myself, @madrush and @Douggins RSVP’d for Friday, January 11th, 9:00am-12:30pm MT.

@DurwinFoster, is that something you can make?

@johnnydavis54 is this something you’d be willing to contribute your input to? The format of the event will be fluid video drop-in/meet-up, so more quality & face-to-face time conversation will happen.

We could also push back a week or two to have more time to prepare and promote the opportunity. I’m up for giving the buildathon a shot on the 11th. We’ll be feeling our way through this first one, for sure.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

(Durwin Foster) #9

Since we last spoke there has been some really interesting stuff happen in a long standing area of interest of mine – consciousness research – and I am engaged with that. I’m a little concerned about becoming over-committed here.

(Durwin Foster) #10

I watched a video in which His Holiness the Dalai Lama rebuked the scientific materialism of the Western scientists studying meditation and then he said “we need to start teaching people about consciousness, the different levels”.

(Marco V Morelli) #11

So, we’ll need to get this event on the Cosmos Calendar, which you can now see here:

Would the orginal text above be part of the overview and description still, Caroline?

And would you want to promote this to our email list? Or any other place?

(Next week I would like to onboard at least Doug and Caroline to add events to the calendar directly.)

(Caroline Savery) #12

Yay to an official events calendar!!!

We are POSTPONING (without regret) the survey buildathon for a week or two, based on the emergent needs of those who had RSVP’d. Will follow up with another scheduler (doodle) poll soon to identify next time. Thanks to everyone so far in this process!