[Proposal] Cosmos Café - Music Edition

Heartwarming, Michael. The way it should be among us…
and all our relations.

Btw, really like your new avatar.


There are Voices in the Past that are Bringing The Future to the Present,listening to them infuses the Spark of Creativity to Be Open,Alive & Willing to Shape the Ever Present Origin Again,Again,without End.Just a Vibration- Feeling-Sensation-Thought living in the Realness of Imaginal.



Been feeling this song lately:

And I love you in a place where there’s no space or time
I love you for my life, you are a friend of mine
And when my life is over, remember when we were together
We were alone and I was singin’ my song for you

(reminiscent of our latest discussion about Whitman and “Lilacs”)


Andrew, this really resonates with what I’m writing, involving a song with a feeling like the feeling this invokes…


Jessye Norman died last week which made me sad. She was a very thoughtful musician, in touch with many different kinds of music, and a great lady. The elegant diva has entered into ecstastic union with her Alien God.


Don’t know about you, I’ve been feeling an increasing tug-of-war between a yearning to spend more and more time offline: outside most of all, observing, interacting with the natural world, thinking and writing about this, too. The other “term” of the dilemma is: wanting to interact more often with Coop Cosmos folks who feel like spiritual allies…of which I have very few (humans at least) here where I mostly spend the hours of my life. Lately I’ve been focusing on my sci fi novel, correcting what I hope is a penultimate proof, from a few to several hours a day, though I am definitely riddled with doubt about the worth of novels of any ilk in this our current world-in-disarray.
Came back this evening to re-listen to this contribution of yours, Douggins, feeling much appreciation, and…wondering how you are with the dilemma mentioned here (which you’ve spoken of a bit in the past) or any other little thing you might want to say…


Still working through the recent dose of Americana; the look from the outside in is its own thing.


Be In That Dance Between The Inner & The Outer


yes…my time online is reserved for dedicated focus periods. Patterns have changed and personal routines do not open up to life online. I believe it may be a phase. Dilemma is the appropriate term!
What I have gained from my time away:

  • I have taken up watercoloring
  • I sleep more and dream more frequently
  • time in nature is more pure (no pressing need to take each insightful thought and share it with my online family here…again a dilemma…you all need to know about my life; you all do not need to know…it is enough to know that we are all okay whether posting or not)
  • I write a daily letter to my son before he goes to school (often using my amateur watercolor as background image)

I love that you have a sci-fi production. And to the doubt of its worth: crush the doubt! Toss it in the wastebasket! :woman_playing_handball:t5: :wastebasket: The dedication and routine around your work speaks of its worth; Your writing is engraved in my heart-mind-soul-body and I believe you are received well wherever your words may be placed.

I sense that most all of us on this beautiful cooperative effort have reached the edges of our participatory prowess.

In addition to letters to my son, I have written many letters to “the Cosmos” too…nothing to share at this point. Mainly they are about how this love relationship with Cosmos is unrequited love. I am frustrated for I want to participate more. I want to respond to you more. I want to have you know me better. These are some of the deepest relationships ever formed for me…yes…my spiritual allies … but where is the time and place for love? This digital divide takes the greatest of spiritual momentum and spits in its face, leaves us lying in the dirt, wondering where it all went, where it all went wrong.
But its not you Cosmos…its me. Or maybe: its not you Cosmos…its your damned stance at a distance…I want to hold you Cosmos! Where is your deep embrace? When is your deep embrace?


A moment of letting youthfulness back into this 65 years of Living Heart,Soul & Aging.


Douggins, what you’ve written here is medicinal, consoling, inspiriting (sic), and I so appreciate it!

For myself, I am hoping my smaller “online footprint” (bare, of course) is not a phase, but a permanent trend…

Can’t imagine a more important and rewarding work of writing than the letters to your son, what a fortunate boy.

Thank you for your wonderfully generous encouragement, for your depth of soul, for intimate glimpses of
your life and the tender passion you bring to what you love.

Today I finished the “proof” of sci fi novel, feeling a bit better about it, kind of a miracle just to get through a 316 page
anything! Will keep your kind words about my writing close…as I wade in further…

Deep Cosmos Embrace…occupies
the ever-present Now.


Still working on that dose of Americana …


I know this song is from the 2000s, but I’ve been listening to it constantly, and love it. (It’s also totally an anthem for poets and poetry, for a lot of interesting reasons.)


Something New,Something Old
Iam No Longer Afraid of the Dark
I Hear Van the Man Guiding me Through the Valley of Death
No Longer Frozen in/with Fear
Light Moves in & out of the Cracks
Soul Just Another Way of Seeing Light from Deep Inside One’s


Something is in the Air I am Breathing
Moving inside,bringing forth some sing-als
on/from a different Dimension
Does Any One Else Listen-ing in ?

This Feeling of Being Alive even in the time of Trouble
is So Electrifying
Can I Get A Amen!!!


Z= Z (superscript 2) + C ( Each outflow becomes the inflow)

E= vh (Energy is proportional to the frequency of vibration)

The universe is curvy, not flat

Time returns but does not repeat

Love and gravity are the most powerful (and also the subtlest) forces in the Cosmos


Listening/watching the recordings from the 2019 Gebser Conference. Multiperspectivity, aperspectivity, voicing for the non-human … try this one on for size. The insanity is overwhelming.

An hour later, time to dot the “i”.


Listening to these with the 3B’s (Beneath,Behind & Beyond) the Words in the Song,the Body( the Hands,Mouth-Voice,& Vibration)Of the Artist ,Touching this Body an Artist Receiving Another’s Creation Story!

The Human Body As A Boundary Symbol-Carl Olson


It feels weird, a really bad trip but kind of beautiful…liminal zones…corporate porn everywhere…remembering the way the buildings used to be…coming home after the bars closed…seeing double…kissing the concrete…becoming the twist in the mobius strip…