[Proposal] Cosmos Café - Peter Sloterdijk's "Deep Observation -Toward a Philosophy of the Space Station" or Life at 240 Miles Above the Earth


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We have, from the 20th century’s space station creation until now, spatially placed ourselves in the presence of an alternate environment, one outside of cultural and natural milieu. We receive reports from the space station, even if only to affirm that they are still alive, that give proof to the environment outside of our terrestrial home.

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Sloterdijk -Deep Observation.pdf (36.2 KB)

With the emergence of the space station, not only do we have proof that there is
intelligent life outside Earth, but the ability to communicate with this external
intelligence is also effectively demonstrated by the electronic transmission of data
between station and Earth. In fact, this has world-historical consequences, since
Earth-based worlds (which are also called cultures) can for the first time view a really
existing shared world beyond. From now on, we are faced with a transcendence that
Earthlings have themselves accomplished, and that can be distinguished from
traditional, symbolically coded religious or metaphysical instances of transcendence
by its allowing for reliable two-way communication.

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01. Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue, by Tom Murray, Bruce Alderman, and Layman Pascal
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Is Sloterdijk coming back to the topics? I think this conversation will be interesting.

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