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The Integral Egghead and the Freudian Caveman

Ken Wilber (the integral egghead) was born January 31, 1949, “the Day of Poetic Song” according to The Secret Language of Birthdays, which posits that those born on that day have as characteristic strengths, “attractive, admired, appreciated”, and weaknesses can be, “dependent, misunderstood, depressive”. Mark Jabbour (the Freudian caveman) was born November 24, 1949, “the Day of Contentious Conviviality”, with strengths being “loyal, spirited, involved”, and weaknesses can be “escapist, isolated, argumentative”. Both men were born into a USAF family, and thus traveled extensively growing up, rejected religion as adolescents, excelled in school, did not go to war in Vietnam, bussed tables in graduate school, all while self-educating themselves in a non-traditional manner. They are both now 69 years old and have always been white. This is prelude to a look at how similar both philosophers’ worldview’s are, and where they differ based upon the recent two and one half interview with Wilber, and Jabbour’s recent book Election 2016: The Great divide, The Great Debate. Both works focus on “the great divide” now raging in America (and the world) with regard to the human condition, and, what the future might look like? Considering that divide and its intersection with emerging technologies.

Reading / Watching / Listening

Ken Wilber on the evolution of consciousness in the age of Trump.

<--- Clicking this black triangular pointer will reveal marked places in the egghead’s talk (signified by the timeline’s time markers) and then corresponding page numbers in the book that reference the same person, subject, or point. Also marked are persons and subjects that have come up in previous cafes.

24:48 Abraham Maslow (p.1, 9, 84, 93, 124, 140, 150n68, 180, 211, 229, 279, 285, 288n148)

35:41 Sigmund Freud (p. xvi, xvii, 9, 22, 34,79, 125, 133, 147, 156, 211, 275)

36:39 Aurobindo and Gebser

48:00 Value structures (p. 36, 84, 141n62)

56:35 Growing up … integral framework (p.114, 232, 279)

58:30 Human Evolution (p.27, 60)

1:06:00 Human intelligence, integral thinking, slavery, sexual selection, AI, etc. (xvii, 135, 138, 174, 168, 204, 281, 290n151, 294)

1:22:00 Evolutionary theorists (p.9)

1:24:00 Evolutionary selection pressure, Whitehead (p. 153, 191, 195, 208, 294 ‘reverse Darwinism’)

1:30:00 E.O. Wilson (p. 189)

1:34:00 de Chardin (p.290n151)

1:45:00 Trump election (p. xvii- 333)

1:46:00 OCEAN (p. 99, 176, 314)

1:58:00 Multiculturalism, relativism, pluralism, postmodernism, identity politics (p.57, 141, 174n82, 195, 204, 211, 226, 281)

2:08:00 Hierarchies (p.1, 175n83, 234)

2:09:00 Basket of deplorables (p. 205, 218n121, 227, 242).

2:14:00 Conflict (p.8n7, 87, 129n55, 142n63, 150, 150n67, 155, 180, 200, 318)

2:19:00 Modern Postmodern Philosophers (p.114)

2:20:00 At this point Wilber begins to talk of his future plans for writing books as a continuation of his 2002 novel Boomeritis:a novel that will set you free (p.57) and how the tantric sexual act is the apex of the human experience, “sex becomes a path to enlightenment” or unity with the universe. Seems like he’s coming back to Freud and his libido drive theory? (p. 149, 232)

The caveman takes the egghead head on in Election 2016 (p. 174-75 n82-3-4)

Seed questions:

  • How is language used to divide people?
  • How does one’s Time allocation contribute to understanding?
  • What is your futuristic outlook for the people and the planet?
  • Do you agree with Wilber’s integral theory and subsequent conclusion?

The Awakened Ape:A Biohacker’s Guide to Evolutionary Fitness, Natural Ecstasy, & Stress Free Living -Jevan Pradas…A Third Possibility?

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The%20Awakened%20Ape Wilber & Freud embrace their APENESS differently & so DO I…Let the Play Begin!!!