PROPOSAL: Praxis Process Template

(Caroline Savery) #1

Sensed bits:

  • We are straining for the capacity to move, in a coordinated way that is also transparent and inclusive of members, from “thought to action” with regard to Cosmos’ platform development. So far, we have been able to talk about our aspirations and concerns, and experiment in isolated conversations on innovating structures, norms, and possibilities within the Cosmos platform… However, this has not scaled to be a consistent framework that any member could plug into consciously.

Potential to be realized:

  • A self-determining process by which members generate, engage in, co-realize, co-produce, and co-evaluate all parts, simultaneously utilizing and serving Cosmos as platform/framework. Members get to intentionally contribute in ways that result in the realization of some potentials and not others. This process enables aggregated “collective-scale” feedback, i.e. observing which themes garner more attention and support, which can inform systems-wide priorities.


  • The process for action/project management must allow for anyone (who is a Cosmos member) to see in full transparency any component, to decide to engage at any point, to contribute their feedback, to allocate their resources/assets to the initiative, and to benefit from the outcome.
  • Transparency: It must be clear the state or stage that an element is in, and what is needed to move it forward to realization.
  • Engagement & allocating resources: To a user, it must be clear what and how to take action to generate, advance (or diminish) any item in this process. People must be able to invest tangible pledges or direct contributions to the item. This can include token notations of value (e.g. coin, pledge of role or sweat equity commitment, pledge of in-kind resources) as well as direct engagement (commenting, editing, collaborating on task committee related to item, generating “friendly amendments” etc.)
  • Benefit: the products emerging from these processes must be open for any member of Cosmos to choose to participate in or benefit from (within the reasonable product terms/capacity).
  • Feedback: should be able to be contributed at any point in the process.
  • Evaluation: It should be possible to view emerging priorities like “trending topics” and evaluate a kind of “meta-condition” of the Cosmos’ collective mind on that basis for the purpose of analyzing system-wide strategic moves and allocating collective resources, as well.
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(Marco V Morelli) #2

Hi Caroline, it seems to me having some rudimentary form of this process in place is going to be necessary for moving forward with anything else in Cosmos. In particular, we would need this in place before reaching out to our ‘beta’ membership and other intrested persons with an update and invitation to get involved.

One way I think we can do this is to make the following channels open to Cosmos members & collaborators as part of an invitation to re-engage.

And then make our Thursday @CoRealizers meeting basically about reviewing activity in these channels, integrating sensed bits, examining proposals, addressing or delegating issues, and attempting to move forward with priorities in a coordinated way.

We may not at first have the perfect algorithm for moving bits and proposals automatically through the process, but that’s something we can figure out through our discussions. From these, it will also become clear what new opportunities open up for members to get involved in, which then can become the basis for new invitations to contribution and engagement. Wdyt?

(Caroline Savery) #3

Sounds good, let’s do it!

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(Caroline Savery) #4

Just a note: currently, this is the ad hoc page for Praxis Process – see Marco’s comment for the links to where we’re testing this structure using the forum.

Ideally, if we have enough buy-in to really begin testing this proposal, we’d have a page that functions as an orientation and announcement to our members that explains (in an elegant way) what it is, why, and how to use it (possibly/probably including a video with such content!) This could be unveiled just prior to a campaign to glean “sensed bits” from members, like a “pilot test launch” of the process itself… gleaning through surveying and/or Cosmopod style “mutual interviews.” For now, this page is what we’ve got, and it’s what I’m linking to in Key Docs.