Psychedelic Science conference coming to Denver, Colorado in 2023

Some of you may know that @care_save, who contributed much to the vision of Cosmos over the years, has moved on to become the Executive Director of a non-profit based in Denver called SPORE (Society for Psychedelic Outreach Reform and Education) which was co-founded by a mutual friend, @coydog (whose group helped get psilocybin decriminalized in Denver in 2019).

I thought I’d mention that since I just saw an email from MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) that their flagship conference is coming to Denver in 2023—and well, hey, it sounds like a potential time-window for some interesting cosmic convergences, if anyone wanted to plan to be in town or visit around then. We could have our own little un-conference alongside the main event or after the buzz dies down.

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