Quantum Conversion....Is There More??

What if there are no defining boundaries or restrictions? What if there just is…

Quantum Entanglement, BioMetaphysical Field Distortion, Chromatic and Sonic Aberrations, non define the expanded spectrums which humans claim to understand. We are continuously reverted by a a continuum of individual aspirational sayers, who then are pinned with the honor of Genius merely because they aspire to proclaim supreme knowledge of knowing.

This we follow, devaluing our own abilities, until another undecipherable proclamation raises its head to counter claim the previous genius, with a much more inspiring and trending view, which due to it’s nicely packaged relevance, grasps the attention of the masses. “We Know What We Don’t Know.”

This is not to say that these insights and proclamations, do not have validity to our reality. It is to highlight that the “Truth” and reality of all existence is much more basic and complex, than presented to us…All can be true, valid and relevant…while…being untrue, invalid and irrelevant, within the same space, existence or spectrum.

It is human and societal nature which restrains our exploration, by defining boundaries on what and in what form we can explore and achieve greater insight, evolution or knowledge. Once we fully embrace this part of our reality we will find a higher value in historical “Geniuses” as their findings will not define our exploration, but become a footnote in our own journey.



That is a Genius insight, @clearview! Hope you’ll stay and say more and contribute to the collective (living, here and now) garden of genius-weeds growing in the fecund cracks of human & societal nature.

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Thank you for your kind feedback.

Looking forward to engaging in discussions.


Indeed! What, after all, apart from some type of social valorization, defines a “Genius”? Is it how much energy their minds (cognitive structures) seem to be able to channel? Is it what their minds DO, how their presence warps reality? Or is the label “Genius” an archaic one, no longer performing a useful function?

What constraints encourage unrestricted exploration? :smiley:

(I will say, I’m a big fan of Stories that open up more possibilities, and Processes that grow capacities for including ever more information… like, these Inquiries!)

Thanks for the provocative exploration @clearview


Thank you, for your insight.

I would agree that the label “Genius” is both archaic and restraining in it’s essence (only the chosen few…defined by a chosen few…can achieve this “Genius” status). This is not to say that those who achieve this status have not surpassed a high level of energetic connectivity, dedication, sacrifice (it appears that the nature of most “Geniuses” is misaligned in empathy, human connection or the inability to separate from “tunnel vision”) explorative drive and performance within their field of interest. Rather, it is to highlight that these achievements, when packaged and marketed to the masses, imply the “brilliance” within these achievements are reserved for a few. If the masses, understood how to connect to this energy, commit to dedicate all actions to the evolution of knowledge/creation and be willing to sacrifice a certain level of human connection, they too could achieve similar knowledge/results.

Can you, please, expand on your question “What constraints encourage unrestricted exploration?” Do you mean restricted exploration? :slight_smile:


I think a lot about human development, and what it would take to stir people to recognize their own capacities to innovate on their current existence, their own “genius” within. Here in Cosmos–though each of us may have different cosmological worldviews and understandings as to why this is important–we are looking to stimulate and weave together the “genius” inherent to each being. Collective genius or “scenius” would emerge as a result of the interactions between the greatest qualities and most brilliant ideas contained in each original being.

Indeed. And yes I very much DO mean “what constraints encourage unrestricted exploration?” If you look to almost any emergent act of visionariness or “genius,” you will find some subtle constraints operating. Constraints, even implicit ones, are often what allows energy to be channeled in vibrant flows. You have to have some subtle “nos” in the system to have epic “YESSES.” Maybe the pressures of the limitations of our own mental models or societal expectations can fuel breakthroughs. I know that’s been true for me.